Sunday, April 5, 2015


YAHOO... we are going on the road again!

I used a sturdy pry bar to loosen Cheryl's grip on the newest grandson long enough to hit the road. Now all that is left to do is convince myself that I can leave him for a while to take this trip!

We have been "anchored" since our return from South Carolina in February. It is now time to shake off the cobwebs and make the wheels on the bus go round and round. First order of business is much needed repairs on our rolling retirement home. We have a slide that doesn't want to close unless the engine is running. What is up with that? Also our propane guage is eternally stuck on the full mark,  leading to a couple of surprises upon trying to use the gas stove! Also the rear AC/heat pump has become very noisy ($$$).

After what I am certain will be a long stay at the factory service center; we may head back to the just wander around aimlessly? I don't know how long we will be roaming, but I am sure it will only be a short jaunt before we hastily return for some grandchildren time!


Merikay MacKenna said...

It seems every new season starts with some repairs. Too bad you couldn't get then done when near to the family. happy Trails, even if it is to a repair facility.

Tom and Marci said...

Yea!! Glad to hear that the wheels will be rolling soon! We'll catch up with you in North Carolina!! We're looking forward to it!

Lois White said...

Yea, traveling again. We went away for a few days & it was just good to see different scenery, even if it was in the 50's & 60's & raining. lol Don't forget about FaceTime. It's great. We use it all the time with our grandkids.