Thursday, May 7, 2015


Monday, April 27th

Last post left us in the service bay for replacing the driver's slide floor, only to discover they had ordered the wrong floor! The techs had to order the right door; good thing for us is the factory is only a couple of blocks down the street! We were back in the bay about 10AM and the job was finally completed just before quitting time. they did a great job as always!

Tuesday, April 27th

Today was another "day off" as we waited for a call to report to a paint bay. We mostly sat around, walked around and mostly relaxed.

Wednesday, April 28th

Now that everything has been repaired/replaced it is time for painting. We were directed to Red Bay Paint shop for the job. It seems Tiffin is so backed up for painting they have out sourced some of the jobs to this facility. They painted my new cap rails and even buffed out a long scratch on my drivers side. The job was finished a little after 1PM and we returned to "Camp Red Bay" to prepare for departure in the morning.

Thursday, April 29th

After some discussion (mostly Cheryl telling me what I was going to do), we decided to take the coach to Ricky Johnson for cleaning. We had heard a lot of good things about Ricky's cleaning service and they all proved to be true! A young man named John washed and waxed the coach from top (except for the new rails) to bottom and for the first time in a while our home sparkled. It took a while to accomplish and we left his house just about dusk. We had decided to stay the night at Downtown RV Park in Red Bay which is about 10 miles from Ricky's house. By the time we arrived at the park, it was dark and we had drove through a swarm of "love bugs" on highway 24! Oh well, such is the life of a fulltime RVer!

Friday, April 30th

This morning I got up and immediately got out the ladder, hose and "magic bug off spray". As it turns out the bugs washed off fairly easy, the wax seemed to help a lot.  After cleaning the love bugs off the front of the coach, we made one last visit to the Tiffin parts store to pick up some touch up paint for the motorhome.  Then, since it was getting a little late to be leaving, we decided to spend one more night, then get an early start in the morning.

That is the conclusion of  "Cheryl and Don's Excellent Red Bay Adventure". Stay tuned for the ongoing adventures of Cheryl and Don. Until then God Bless.........