Saturday, May 26, 2018


If there is anything in this world that does not change; it is that time keeps marching on! Sound like a country song? It seems the days blend together and before I realize it, another week has passed.

 Cheryl and I have been living a routine lifestyle for the past year. Of course, it began with my recovery period from surgery; it seems we became used to staying in one place. Our willingness to remain anchored grew as we decided to help out our son and daughter-in-law by watching our grandson during the week while they work. Naturally, we became attached to this special little guy and enjoy having him around, but it has inhibited our travel plans somewhat. We would gladly bring him along with us, but then his mom and dad would miss him for days, if not weeks at a time!

 The changes that we are experiencing in our lives seem not to be uncommon. Every time I read my favorite RV blogs, there appear to be more fellow RVers leaving the full-time RV lifestyle. There are a few who have purchased traditional "sticks and bricks" houses and sold their RV homes. Some have downsized their RVs and bought a house, with the intention of not giving up traveling in the RV altogether.

 We have been considering how to manage our change in lifestyle. One option is to find a suitable house, sell the motorhome and buy a nice "class-c" RV for traveling part-time. If we chose this avenue, the best of both lifestyles would be possible.

 When we first started our full-time adventure, we intended to travel as much as possible; then purchase some land near our family and "slow down." This plan now seems less enticing, but still an option.

 Our lack of direction has left us planning for more traveling, and delaying the final decision. We will probably keep procrastinating until my "old eyes" cannot see the road well enough to travel any longer!

 In conclusion, I leave you with this advice; if you see this grey haired old guy driving a 40-foot motorhome on the interstate, find an exit!

Sunday, May 20, 2018


It has indeed been a while since writing a blog post! What has been happening with Don and Cheryl? Life has been happening! We have experienced a lot of changes over the past couple of years.

 At first, my only excuse for not writing was laziness and lack of anything to write. Since my last post, we have taken trips to Lookout Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gulf Shores and Red Bay Alabama; then our lives took a somewhat expected, yet traumatic turn!

Early in my life, doctors who treated me would hear a mild heart murmur. I finally visited a Cardiologist in 2001 and was promptly diagnosed with early stages of aortic valve stenosis. It was mild at this point; he told me we would follow up regularly. The "follow up strategy" continued until November 2016.

Upon reviews of the last echocardiograms and ultrasounds, my Cardiologist prognosis was that I needed aortic valve replacement surgery. He also recommended it happen sooner than later!  I was shocked by his conclusion, although not unexpected, my aortic valve was failing to do its job! My initial reaction was, "maybe after the Escapees RV Rally"! Amazing how the mind works when in shock!

I quickly discovered, waiting was not going to be possible. The simple task of rising from a chair, walking outside the coach had become difficult and left me short of breath. After consulting with one of the best heart surgeons in Louisiana, we scheduled the surgery for January 31, 2017.

My surgery was successful with no problems (at least I was informed of any). There was a slight problem in ICU with AFIB, but thanks to the efficient nursing staff and an excellent heart surgeon I survived!

My recovery was reasonably quick, thanks to Cardio rehabilitation. Six months after my heart surgery, our adventures on the road continued sporadically. Our first trip was to Red Bay Alabama; we finally had the motorhome remodeled as we planned before the operation!
We are now making preparations for a short stay at Gulf Shores Alabama in June. After a little time with family at the beach, we may head to South Carolina to visit with more family. We hope to increase our trips gradually and increase my blog post as well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Tuesday August 18

Expecting a fun filled day today; I was up early. First on the agenda was breakfast with friends we had not seen since the 2008 RV DREAMS RALLY!  A couple  of days ago I received an invitation from Ginger and Jesse  to join them and some other friends for breakfast this morning. Our breakfast group consisted of Ginger and Jesse, Marilyn & Ed, Ellie & Jim, Janet & Bob, and Jan & Eddie. The breakfast was good and the conversations enjoyable, it just was not enough time. Hope to spend some more time catching up later.

After breakfast we headed out to Royal Gorge in Canon City to see the Royal Gorge Bridge.

the gorge...

the gorged...
the gorgeous...
the ride over...

 the bridge...

the ride back over??

the butterfly.....

Need to go have more fun now.
God Bless us all......

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Saturday August 14
After we had our morning coffee and some hybrid cantalope/honeydew melon for breakfast, we decided to get out and do some sightseeing. First stop on our tour was the Garden of the Gods visitor center, where we learned about the area wildlife.


Wow, hope we don't see any of these on our tour!

a new friend?
Once we toured the visitor center, the self-guided walking tour began.







After the Garden of the Gods, we headed up the mountain towards Woodland Park (the city above the clouds). Along the way we stopped at Cave of the Winds and the North Pole.

We were too late for the cave tour. We will return for it later in the week.

 Cheryl did make a new friend though?

Our next stop was closed as well, but I got a couple of pictures anyway.
I think Santa is on vacation.
I think that is enough touring for the day. We returned home in the dark, unusual for us young'uns!
Til next time, God bless us all......

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Saturday-- Aug 15

We are now in Colorado Springs, Colorado staying at Pelegrine Pines FamCamp on the Air Force Academy grounds. Our pace has slowed a little from the tourist/vacationer mode we were in from day one of our "escape the heat" adventure. We moved from Colorado City to this site yesterday and the only thing we did upon arrival was set up for at least a week stay, then relaxed! I am up a little early this morning writing this post (0600). I believe once Cheryl is up and about we may visit the Garden of the Gods and then just explore the Pikes Peak area at a leisurely pace.

While I await the glorious awakening of the love of my life; I will attempt to post some pictures of our fast pace adventures in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Pueblo.

Ready to start sightseeing....

on the road ......
Sante Fe.. first stop church....

and after church..... 

 what else but....
back to Abuquerque...
to Sandia Peak....

no, we didn't ride to the top, visibility was not great due to clouds and rain at the top....
These next pictures are at Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, downtown Pueblo, Colorado..


 Well that is enough pictures for now, but more to come!  God bless us all......