Sunday, December 4, 2011


The largest step to realizing our dream has finally been taken and we have purchased our fulltime RV. We spent two weeks at Lazy Days RV in Tampa Florida making our purchase and getting all the little adjustments and tweaks taken completed, then I put that bad boy on I75 headed north.

I had never driven a motorhome before until the one day class that Lazy Days conducts, so my driving experience was very limited. All seemed to go well headed up I75 and then I headed west on I10.  We decided to stop for the evening, although still early, in Tallahassee Florida at Big Oak Rv Park. The park was fairly nice and we spent the evening nice and snug in our new home.

Our next travel day we ventured further along I10 and experienced our first truck stop refueling $$$!!! This days travel was longer (more than we intended) and we finally landed at a KOA in Baton Rouge Lousiana for another snug night in our new home.

Upon arriving in Shreveport Louisiana we proceeded to show off our new home to our family. The kids loved the motorhome, however the grands were a bit leary. It seems the question was raised, where will we have our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings papa? I reassured them all that the house is not sold yet and we will continue the traditional holiday gatherings there. Now when the house sells I guess we may have to start some brand new traditions.

After the visits from all the family, we headed for the Barksdale AFB Famcamp to park our new home. We will park here for a while to get our new home set up. I need to decide on which satellite service and have it installed. I also need to set up for internet with a cradle point router. We are slowly loading our clothing and some other things onto the home, hmmm not as easy as I thought!

Of course we may feel like fulltimers and retirees, but we are not quite there, so it was also back to work we went.  :(

I have been negligent in posting some pictures of our new home, here are a few: