Thursday, April 9, 2015


Day one of being "on the road" again.
Monday April 6

After a full day of preparations on Saturday and a full day of family time on Easter Sunday; we thought we would be hitting the road early this morning.  Well, if you consider 10:30AM early then we were right on schedule! We have sit too long in one place and find that we are "rusty" at preparing to travel. We find things will work out well if we begin our travels with prayer, this morning especially!

Everything went well as far as the drive, except for the driver being tired and quickly becoming drowsy. I rarely sleep more than six hours in a night and the night prior I slept less than six. We needed to take breaks often to ensure I remained alert and attentive ( mandatory).

At approximately 4:45PM we stopped for the night at Ameristar RV Park in Vicksburg,  MS. We have stayed here before; it is a nice park, but with hardly no level sites in the 50amp section; that is ok for an overnighter.

Tuesday April 7

Once again we get our usual early start; 10:30AM!  We were so exhausted from the previous days travels that we slept soundly (about six hours for me) and sat drinking coffee too long that morning.

Again everything went well and the driver was not as tired and drowsy. We still stopped often, having had plenty of coffee before leaving! We stayed on I20 east and took I55 North until at some point we got on the Natchez Trace Parkway for about 60 miles.

Our first time on "the Trace" was both interesting and a tiny bit nerve-wracking for Cheryl. The scenery was beautiful;  historical markers interesting; the two lane road with no shoulders and sometimes rather steep dropoffs, not my wife's favorite part of the journey!

We exited the Trace close to Tupelo, MS onto MS23 then made our way into Red Bay, Alabama around 6:00PM. We checked in at the Tiffin Service Center to find what we had already suspected, the place is packed and we were directed to an alternate campground (McKinney's across the street).
Mr McKinney has developed a portion of his property into some full hookup sites; it is a nice alternative when Camp Red Bay is full.

We had another restful evening, it is very quiet at night here (at least on this side of the street).

Wednesday April 8

After the restful night of sleep, I was feeling great and decided to empty my storage bays to rearrange. It was hard work, good for the soul, but not the I was near finishing when a white van pulled up in front and a technician had arrived to inspect the driver's side front slide, wet bay and rails. These items were not on my list; the tech informed me it is procedure to inspect these items due to some problems they had encountered in the past. It turns out my wet bay is good, the improved design. The driver's side slide out has a floor problem; they are going to pull out the slide and replace the floor.  Also our rails are the problematic ones, that are not metal. They are going to remove them, replace them with metal, gel coat them and then paint. Sounds like my Red Bay vacation just got extended! I have not been visited by Norris yet; we will get a time estimate from him on those repairs then the rest of my planned repairs as well.

After our very informative visit by the tech and finishing the job I started in the storage bays, we decided to just relax and read for the afternoon.  The relaxation last until 2:00PM, when we received a call from the Red Bay office informing us they have a site for us in Camp Red Bay. We un-setup at McKinney's and re- setup at CRB.

We had a fairly restful night at CRB and that leads us up to this morning.

Thursday April 9

This morning I was up at 4:45AM and after checking the news/weather, began writing this post. I noticed things started getting a little noisey around 6:00AM, people were getting ready to move their rigs into service bays. I also noticed the bay doors were open around 6:30AM.

Now I am up to date on this posting and will try to post again soon. Until then, God bless us all......

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