Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well I finally get a break! Cheryl and I have been so busy with work over the past couple of months, we are more than ready for a relaxation weekend. Recently I had called the DRV factory in Indiana to get the names of some local dealers for Mobile Suites. The regional rep told me the nations largest Mobile Suites dealer is in Lafayette, Louisiana. We decided that we are interested enough in looking to take the four hour trip to check it out. So we were looking at places to stay near Lafayette and we found one I recognized from previous blogs I had read by fellow dreamers. This is where we are:

From Poches Fish n Camp

We are at POCHES FISH N CAMP. It seems like a great place to relax, fish and unwind. Speaking of fishing, I am going to grab my gear, sit out back and fish a while. I will post more later. GBY

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hi all, I am alive and well! I have been just snowed under with work lately. Last weekend was airshow weekend at Barksdale AFB and I was heavily involved in the preparations! We have an airshow every year to coincide with the "Holiday In Dixie" festival here in Shreveport. The Navy Blue Angels were here again this year and put on a spectacular airshow. I did not get pictures of the show itself, however I did get some pictures up close while they were on the parking apron.

Well that is not the only excitement I have had in my life recently, My grandson, Nicholas was baptized! I am elated that he knows and accepts our savior! :)


Well till next time, God Bless you .......