Friday, June 12, 2015


Ok, by now there have been a lot of posts and pictures of the RV Dreams Family Reunion, so I will not post a lot of pictures. I do need to post a few to catch up. I would hate to look back at my blog in a few years and not have recorded any memories from this very memorable event. Cheryl and I enjoyed the reunion so much, we have vowed to attend as many similar events as possible. The main attraction for us is reuniting with long time friends we have not seen in years and meeting new friends. I do hope it is not years until we meet again!

The reunion was in Marion, North Carolina. We were camped just at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway, resulting in lots of trips on the scenic parkway with a lot of awesome mountain views.


We enjoyed all the campfires, games and fellowship that was happening every day.


We are looking forward to the next already! It was sad to leave, but Cheryl's sister wanted us to come by to visit with her in South Carolina, so there was more family reunion to look forward to there! Her sister actually surprised us and showed up at the rally site on Friday to spend the day with us. The irony there is that we had planned to surprise her once we left the rally by just showing up. The tables were turned on us!
We stayed at Cheryl's sisters house for a couple of days then it was off to Red Bay (again) to get our dryer repaired. McKinney's RV had told me over the phone they had the heating element in stock and could install it in a couple of hours.
Once the repairs were complete and after a quiet night in Red Bay, we headed to Shreveport to visit with our children and grandchildren. We cannot stay away too long or they go into withdrawals! I will  try to post again soon. Until then God bless us all...........