Sunday, August 24, 2008


It has been a busy week, with lots of work projects and medical appointments in between! There is not a whole lot of anything to write about, unless you want to hear about my upcoming dental surgery... nah it is too scary to talk about. I am highly allergic to pain and suffering, which I always relate to any dental visit!!

I know I should post more, but by the time I get home from my day of work (and/or medical appointments) and read all my favorite blogs (about 18 of them), then it is time for bed..... :)

Cheryl and I have been thinking a lot lately about our transition into fulltiming and a timetable. The out of pocket dental expenses and upcoming trip to South Carolina will affect the timetable a little, but not that much. I always figured there would be variables in my plan. Now I need to decide how soon we need to buy the fulltime RV? We both wish we had it to take on the trip to SC. :)

Oh well, I guess we will get the travel trailer ready for the trip and be happy with what we have. I do need to clean it up though, the roof is due to be cleaned and treated again. I also need to clean the black streaks on the sides. Does anyone know the best way to clean black streaks on aluminum sided trailers? I have used different cleaners and solutions, along with some hard scrubbing, until I am losing paint in some areas. Do the smooth sided RVs get black streaks as bad as the corrugated aluminum sided ones? I heard that RVs that have automotive type paint do not streak as bad.

Well I guess I best sign off for now, Cheryl wants to go and visit with the G-kids for a little while. That always brightens my day!! :)

Until next time.......

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hi Everyone. We are still here, staying really busy with mundane, boring everyday things and still working. I guess that is really a good thing, considering that is what I need to do to reach my ultimate goal of hitting the road fulltime and debt free! I have even come to terms with being passed over for the other job. I am focused on the ultimate goal of becoming debt free and getting out there with all my fulltime friends!

I had a lot of my annual medical appointments this past week and found out that getting older is not for wimps! According to my cardioligist, I need to cut out stress, change my diet, get more exercise and lose some wieght. Sounds like a prescription for fulltime RVing!

Then came the dentist, she was the bearer of some unsettling news, I have a bad infection in my lower gum. My being a diabetic makes this a more serious problem than if I were not. She suggest a dental surgery which is going to set back my plan to financial freedom a couple of months. Sure wished I had some dental insurance!

Well there is not a lot more to report, maybe we will do something a bit more exciting this week! Until then, here is some more pics from the past.......

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hi Everyone, yes I am still here. I know I am getting behind on posting, been a busy week at work... :( ... This week was depressing for me until I reminded myself what is important at this stage of my life.

The week started out with my finding out I was eliminated from a list of applicants for a new position I was seeking. The position I applied for is one that I hold all the qualifications for and also have experience in the field. I was knocked off the list of candidates due to a technicality involving time in grade requirements for federal employees. What a bummer! Then to top things off, I find out the likely candidate has none of the other qualifications, and no experience, but he meets the time in grade requirements. Wow, sounds like the system is broken! On top of all that I was given a project that involves a lot of work skills (use of Autocad and PrimeVera software) that is not usually required of someone in my paygrade! Does it sound like I am tired of working?

I started letting these events depress me, then I was reminded, my career is reaching the end. My purpose in life is changing. I no longer have to climb the corruption ladder, oops I mean corporate ladder, in order to provide for my family. I am ready for the next phase in my life, which I am hoping is to travel this great country. :) ... I am soooo ready.

Well that is enough of my griping and complaining about me. I think I will reflect on the happier times, like the time Cheryl and I spent at Shady Pines RV park in Texarkana. They have a little pond for fishing at the park and we had a ball hauling in the "panfry" size fish. :)


Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow, another week gone by in the life of Don and Cheryl! It was a week of trying to control my emotions as I dealt with unreasonable requests. Has Don lost it? If not I sure have come close! I have been working around the government long enough to realize, they don't care how you make it work, just make it work. Well enough of my griping. :)

It was good to reach the end of the day on Friday and just sit out on the pool deck, sipping on an iced tea, watching our family of hummingbirds. :)


Ok, it is Saturday morning and Cheryl and I are debating on either a road trip or late afternoon fishing trip..... hmmm air conditioned car or river bank at about 100 degrees? I don't know, will let you know later......... GBY