Sunday, April 26, 2015


Monday, April 20th

After an uneventful weekend, we pulled back into our service bay to finish up the repairs on our list. Our technician finished them all by noon and we returned to site 66 to resume the "waiting game".
We watied the rest of the afternoon and no calls to a bay. However we finally were called to ask us to  report to the "mech" bay at 6:00AM on Tuesday (woohoo...)!

Tuesday, April 21st

We were waiting at the door of the bay (is there a song in there somewhere) at 5:45AM to have our hydraulic jacks fine tuned. Fine tuning included welding the collars to remedy a problem when raising them. I failed to get a picture of ours on the lift, but here is another one on the lift next to where ours was just finished.

 They completed the repairs about noon, then...... you probably guessed it, back to site 66 and the infamous "waiting game"!

Wednesday, April 22nd

I checked with Wanda (the scheduler) last thing before they closed yesterday and was informed that we would have a "free day" today. Thank you so much for the free day, it is just what we wanted (sarcasm evident?). We decided to stay close in case something opened up unexpectedly. We toured Red Bay,  the town, not the Tiffin Factory (been there done that) and after that 10 minute tour retreated back to the coach for a day of reading and relaxing. The high point of the day was a call to ask us to be at bay 17 at 7:00AM. Oh boy, just what we wanted (no sarcasm here)!

Thursday, April 23rd

Pulled the coach in bay 17 at the appointed time and our "cap rail replacement" commenced. It seems that some years back someone at Tiffin Motorhomes decided to stop using metal cap rails and go with fiberglass ones instead. Over the years it was discovered that the fiberglass has a tendency to crack from the stress between the roof and walls when traveling. Mr. Tiffin's solution is to replace all the fiberglass cap rails with metal ones at no cost to his customers. I love Tiffin Motorhomes!

I did manage to remember to take pictures of our home this time.....

These repairs were finished about 3:30PM and the techs did a great job. It will be painted after all other repairs have been finished. We were then told to have it at the slideout bay at 7:00AM tomorrow for the next free Tiffin repair.
Friday, April 24th
Again we reported to our next service bay at the appointed time. Since the crane was going to be in use and we had to vacate the bay; we decided to hang out in the customer lounge. I decided to back to get a picture of the operation after about an hour into it. When I got to the bay, the lead tech told me he was just about to call. It seems that well into the operation to disconnect and remove everything involved in removing the slideout room; they discovered the wrong floor had been delivered! I felt myself start to get flustered, but then it was evident that the technicians were more flustered. The had worked hard to get ready for the removal and now they would work just as hard to undo the preparation. The whole operation would be repeated upon the arrival of the correct floor (hopefully on Monday). Since this whole repair was at no cost to me and we still had to wait on the paint shop; I was not flustered anymore.
It seems that a decision was made in the past to use wood under the drivers side slide out room. Similar to the cap rail decision, it turn out to be a wrong decision! The wood floors were not holding up, so again Mr. Tiffin decided to take care of his customer at no cost to them. Even with the wrong floor mistake, I still love Tiffin Motorhomes!
Until next time, God Bless us all...............


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