Friday, April 17, 2015


Saturday April 11

Since there was no chance of being called to a bay for service on the weekend; we decided to do some sightseeing. We struck out early (10AM seemed early to us). The first place we headed was to Bojangles in Russellville which is only about 30 mins from Red Bay. I love the biscuits and gravy at Bojangles.

We then headed for Muscle Shoals which is a bit further north of Russellville and Red Bay.  Lots to see in Russellville and we did not see it all this trip! I definitely want to go tour the Helen Keller birthplace museum. We did visit the Wilson Dam.

It was a beautiful  area and great weather....
We left Wilson Dam and stopped at Swamp John's for lunch. Now we had heard a lot about Swamp John's and once we had lunch there, we wondered why? The food (catfish) was ok, but nothing to write home about. We later found out there are at least two Swamp John's, we were at the one in Muscle Shoals and the one we have heard so much about is on the outskirts of Red Bay. We will try that one a little later. :)
We left Muscle Shoals and headed out to see the much talked about "Coon Dog Cemetery". When I first read about it in print, without my reading glasses; I thought it read "Corn Dog Cemetery". I was kind of wondering why they would bury corn dogs, unless they just tasted really bad! Much to my relief, when we arrived we only saw coon dog graves and no corn dogs.

All in all a great weekend. We spent Sunday just relaxing and walking and watching the rain fall. I know I am behind in posting by a few days. Spoiler alert, we are in the service bay as of yesterday at lunch time. I will  have to post another blog to bring you up to date on the events leading up to and including our adventures in the service bay. Until then God bless us all...........

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