Saturday, October 1, 2011


Once again I had lapsed into the work grind and routine, not taking time to update my progress in obtaining our RV. We have been busy at work, yet taking time to shop around and research some motorhomes. I have received some invaluable advice and tips from other RVers who have experienced our same questions in shopping for an RV. Many thanks to Al and Karen for some wonderful pictures and information about a motorhome (we think may be the one) at Lazy Days in Florida.

The motorhome we think may be the one is a Tiffin RED 38QRA. It has the rear bath option with an additional 1/2 bath included. It also has a residential fridge. We like most everything about this coach, with some reservations concerning the large "ushaped" dinette setup. Who knows we may like that too once we see it up close and personal

One other thing I would consider changing (eventually) is the couch/sleeper. I would much rather have a couple of comfy recliners in it's place. I am just not sure that is possible, I guess it would depend on the style and size of recliners. When watching tv, we like to sit head on with the screen and the smaller the screen the closer we like to sit!

This motorhome has three TVs and automatic satellite, now I have to decide which satellite service provider to use. I also need to research and see what will be needed to ensure we have satellite service no matter where we roam.

Presently we are planning a trip to Lazy Days to see this motorhome and possibly bring it home :). There are a lot of decisions to be made for this plan also. Do we drive our car, packed with items we need for the stay and return trip in the motorhome or do we fly with bare minimum suitcases?  If we drive Cheryl will have to follow me back to Louisiana in our Toyota Camry which is not towable with four wheels down. If we fly, we ride back together, assuming Lazy Days sells us the coach at my price. This should not be a major decision, especially after "the major decision" to buy or not buy!

Another consideration in our decision making is that we have never even rode in a motorhome before, much less driven one! Hmmm, maybe trying to tow a car on my first experience driving a motorhome would not be a great idea anyway :).  I will take the driving course they offer once we decide to make the purchase! I may be quick to learn; I used to operate some heavy equipment during my military service, let's see, how many years ago...

Well we are doing our best not to stress out with all the decision making and "what ifs". If anyone has advice, tips or recommendations, feel free to chime in, I need all the help I can get!