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Thursday, April 9

Where was I in the last post? Oh yeah, it was Thursday morning. Later in the day we received another visit from a Tiffin employee to survey the work requirements. His main oblective is gathering information to complete the extended warranty paperwork. After looking at our cap rails, he inspected our ceilings for water damage. He spotted some spots over our bed that "may" be signs of water damage. He also informed me that when the cap rails were removed they would be able to get a better look. I sure hope this too will be covered by our extended warranty!

Friday, April 10

We did the Tiffin Factory tour on this morning. It was a great tour that was very informative. I paid particular attention to the areas where they install the roof and walls. I wanted to see exactly what lies behind our walls and is in our roof that could get water damaged. The roof and floors seems to have the most materials (wood) susceptible to water damage.

This is the composition of the roof
I did not get a good shot of the wall composition. This is a completed wall.

 Ever wonder what your tank sensors look like?
I may have to make another visit to the factory to get some better shots of the wall and floor compositions. This was not my first visit to the factory, the first visit was in 2012. A lot has changed since then and their production lines have been reorganized.

After the tour we had lunch at Jack's, then back to CRB to visit with Wanda to go over "our list". We decided that we want to get everything in need of repair completed before leaving and maybe express bay was not the right choice to accomplish our goal. The express bay is limited to 3hours maximum work and then you go back to the bottom of the list to get into another bay for the remainder of your work.

Since this is a longer post with pictures included ;) I am going to stop here and get this posted, check back again soon to hear about our adventures during our first weekend! Until then, God bless us all.....

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