Sunday, August 14, 2011


Wow what a week!  It was an eye opening emotional kind of week.  Tuesday a friend and coworker of mine had a siezure coming back from a jobsite, just before he entered our office!  He had a massive heart attack.

 God was certainly watching over him during this trial, just as he was walking to the front entrance a group of medically trained firefighters (one a CPR instructor) was just leaving our building. They had been in a training class in our conference room. The instructor of the group began CPR immediately and is credited with saving his life.

  The ambulance arrived just in time for the EMT to use the de-fib equipment when his heart stopped beating, thus saving his life again! He was then transported to a nearby hospital; while in route I am told his heart stopped once again.  They saved him once more and eventually Tuesday evening installed a stint into a 95% blocked artery.

He was critical for a couple of days, with a possibility of some brain damage. Today he is conscience, doing good (for someone surviving a massive heart attack) and it appears there may be little or no brain damage.

 God has worked miracles in his life!  My friend is 48 years old and until now a lot healthier than I (or so we thought)!  Wednesday there were a few calls to the office wanting to know how I was doing! It seems as news spread through out the base that someone in my section had a massive heart attack, there was a lot of assumptions made that it was the old diabetic guy (me)!  It is a shocker that it is the youngest in our office, the guy who goes to the fitness center three time a week and is more than 10years my junior!

Cheryl and I are re-evaluating our retirement plans and looking for ways to move the dates up!  Until next time....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shopping for a Motorhome

We had a great week of vacation last week and really enjoyed spending time with our sister Sue. We stayed on the go and it is a good thing we were real active, because we were constantly dining out! We sure do miss our sister. Cheryl has known her since birth, I was priviledged to meet her when she was 13 years old. The three of us went everywhere together, Cheryl's parents insisted!

Well we are back to work, the same ole grind. We are making time to research and shop for a motorhome though. We found a motorhome we like at Lazy Days in Florida (online of course).
There are a few features in this motorhome that we are not sure we like though. The "ushaped" dinette seems to be a bit much for just Cheryl and I, however would be very convenient when the grands are traveling with us. The white upholstery is scary for the same reason as the aforementioned grands. Also there is no place to put any recliners unless you remove the couch, thus losing a bed (also inconvenient because of the aforementioned grands. Other than that, we like this one:

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