Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We are finally on the road again and traveling (although for just a short time). After returning from a great time at Hickory Creek COE with wonderful friends, we both returned to work Smiley Faces and the usual mundane routine. My routine was not quite so mundane as it is end of fiscal year close out and all my service contracts had to be renewed for the coming fiscal year!! Well enough about work, Presently I am back on a vacation, visiting with my favorite sister-in-law in South Carolina Smiley Faces

From Sue

Back in the day when Cheryl and I were dating; I was only allowed to take Cheryl out if Sue was allowed to go along. At first I thought, bummer, but pretty soon I began to realize how lucky I was to be going out with two pretty girls instead of one! We were so young that it seemed we all "grew up" together and even when I was allowed to date Cheryl without Sue she usually tagged along anyway. We were like "the three musketeers" or is that the "three mouseketeers"?

From Sue

Hey guys the one on the right is single (not the one on the left).Smiley Faces

Now let me introduce you to another pretty girl in my life, this is my great niece, with special interest on "great", Kenzie:




Needless to say she had a great time and so did her mom, Jodie (also my niece of course).


We had a great time and I will post more later, but now it is time to go have more fun. Until next time God bless us all.............

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Seven days of work can make one weak. I could not resist being poetic Smiley Faces

This is Sunday morning and I am home, back into the routine and mundane and as you can see I have not been making time to post once again. We had a yard sale yesterday, no one bought the house, but we got rid of more "stuff". Smiley Faces

I sure miss being at Hickory Creek and I anguish about it everytime I read my friend's blogs about the great time they are having! :) I really am happy they are having a great time, but you guys save some great times for when we can join you.Smiley Faces

We are back here working, but getting ready to go too. I am not going to write about it since it is so depressing! Instead let me continue the story of our adventures at Hickory Creek COE. I left off with us having dinner with Mike and Leslie at Chili’s on Wednesday evening. We had a great time and some pretty good food. We had met Mike and Leslie at the RV Dreams Rally back in June 08, so it had been over a year since seeing them. We picked up right where we left off, joking, talking and enjoying ourselves just as if it were just yesterday since we had last met!! It is great to have friends such as these two.Smiley Faces

The next morning, after finding out the RV show opened at 10am, we picked up Mike and Leslie to head out, after some iced coffee from McDonalds something Leslie introduced to Cheryl for the first time (thanks Les! Smiley Faces ). We found the show with no problem, except for the fact it was misting rain, but we were able to tour some units on the inside right away. These were mostly motorhomes and we just could not find a floor plan that we felt would meet our needs. The weather cleared a bit and we toured some on the outside also, however the humidity was getting the best of us so we ambered back inside after a short while.

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

Notice I am the only one wore out by all the climbing into all the rigs!! Smiley Faces

All in all I will have to say I was a bit disappointed in the show this year. We were told that a lot of last year’s vendors did not show up this year. It was evident in the number of units on display. About the only thing that peaked our interest was the Mobile Suites and they also had some nice Montanas. I am going to get a good look at an Excel and then try to decide. I believe we are swinging toward the fifth wheel as our RV home instead of a motorhome.

When we left the show, we were getting a little on the hungry side, so we commence to look for lunch. Smiley Faces We ended up have soups and salads at Olive Garden which hit the spot on a rainy and dreary day. We left Olive Garden and decided to head to camping world, where we knew we could unload some of our excess money (less weight to haul back home Smiley Faces ). I only bought some tire covers for my new tires on the not so long trailer, they were 2 for the price of one. After that it was on the Walmart, we wanted the total fulltimers experience, so Walmart was mandatory!

Once we arrived back at the campground, lo and behold Rollie and Gina had arrived Smiley Faces . We stopped by briefly to visit and later made plans to get together later.

once again I must leave the story unfinished. I have to get ready for church. I will continue later, until then God bless us all..........

Thursday, September 17, 2009


It has really been too long since we were camping in the "not so long trailer", but finally here at Hickory Creek COE north of Dallas Texas.

From Hickory Creek

From Hickory Creek

We started prepping for the trip on Monday. We took the trailer out of storage and moved into the famcamp on Barksdale AFB. We then began to load the "not so long trailer" and we even spent the night there (although only about 20 minutes from the sticks and bricks). I worked Monday and Tuesday, but Cheryl was off so she shopped the commissary Tuesday and loaded the fridge. I did have to take some time off to go get new tires the trailer, since I discovered I had one with a bald spot on the inside of the tire!! :( .... Wow, I thought I was keeping a close watch on them! Anyway about $400. later we have no tire worries (so far). :)

Wednesdays trip was only about 4 hours, but very tiring since it was all driven in the rain. Dealing with I35 through Dallas was not very relaxing either! Overall though the trip was uneventful and we enjoyed it regardless of the negatives :) We arrived at Hickory Creek COE and was pleasantly surprised with the park. After coming off the hustle and bustle of I35 and being in the thick of busy-ness, crowdness and mid-city bustle; it was as if we had instantly arrived in the country with wildlife, beauty and surprisingly quiet! It is like an oasis surrounded by big city life.

After setting up, we found Mike and Leslie Kennedy's site. Mike and Leslie are fulltimers and fellow RV Dreamers. Although we had not seen them in over a year, it was no time at all and it was as if we had never parted company! We sit and talk so much that we loose track of time! We finally determined that cooking dinner was not in the cards, so we decided to go out to eat (not a rare decision in our case) and ended up eating at Chili's. It was a great time all around and a great ending to a long day.

Well that takes us up to Wednesday and it is now Saturday. I have been so busy having fun I have not had time to write. It is ironic that it is usually working that keeps me too busy to write! I took this time to write, but now it is time to go have more fun, so I will write about Thursday and Friday later (that is when more RV Dreams family arrived). Until then may God Bless us all .................

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok, I know I said I would try to not take so long to post, so much for that effort! This is a rare day, I am off from work and even more rare I was wondering what to do next!! I signed on the dusty ole computer to read some blogs and the realization hit me, I have a blog too! Thanks Penny for the reminder Smiley Faces.

I actually called in this morning, I am not feeling "up to speed" (no pun intended Speedy). I have plenty of sick leave so why not? Needless to say I have been doing hardly anything besides working lately and it is beginning to take its toll on my energy levels. Gee I am still a young man I am not supposed to "run out of gas" so quickly!!

In my last post I told of our rescueing "Boid", a wayward Cockatiel that found the sanctuary of our home. Boid has had a hard time adjusting to her new environment and at most times seems a little unfriendly. I do hold her some, she bites me but with little force, seeming to just tell me she doesn't like being held! Cheryl doesn't even try to hold her, especially since Boid caused her much pain in the rescueing of Boid!! Smiley Faces Boid does keep us entertained sometimes with her whistling and mimicking, however after discussing what we will do with her during our travels I think we may be looking for a good home for Boid :(

We will be heading to Hickory Creek COE campground on the 16th of September and while we are there (only about 3 days) we will be attending the RV Show in Dallas. We will also be able to visit with Joe and Sherri, Rollie and Gina, possibly Mike and Leslie and hopefully more (the more the better!). We will be in site 44 if anyone wants to visit, just knock first so you won't catch me in my boxers! Smiley Faces

We are getting very close to meeting our financial goals and we are ready to start some serious looking for the RV setup for our fulltime lifestyle. I believe we could buy within this next year, depending on if we decide to sell the house or not. Sometimes it seems like a "no-brainer" then traditional thinking intervenes and we doubt our decisions once again!

Well I guess I had better get ready to go meet Cheryl for lunch. She is working today, bless her heart. I will post again! Until then God Bless you all....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, as for the title of this post, that is my story and I am sticking to it! Smiley Faces Cheryl and I have been working, painting, visiting with family, rescuing Cockatiels, more working and more painting. We have not been out in the rv in so long, I think I may have forgotten everything I ever knew about rving.. Smiley Faces .. We did stay in the rv for two nights, sitting in our driveway, while we painted our bedroom. Cheryl said it was just not the same for some reason?

The last time I posted (ages ago) we had family visiting from Kentucky. We had a great time visiting with them and they left after a long weekend with us. They were headed to San Francisco with a lot of interesting stops in between. It would be great if they would blog about their travels, but they are too busy having fun! Anyway after spending some time with them on their motorhome, Cheryl made the comment. “I could live in this!”. Wow, I thought we were set on a Mobile Suites or an Excel (thanks Rollie), but now the better half is thinking about motorhomes! I hope it becomes clear to us soon, I think we may be buying within the next year!
Well I don’t have a lot of time, things are getting crazy here at work. Global Strike Command is setting up headquarters at Barksdale and a lot of the contracts needed for required services in preparation are on my desk for action. Wow, life is interesting to put it nicely!



Before I go I really need to tell you about our Cockatiel we rescued. We spotted her (or him?) sitting on the side of pool, unsuccessfully trying to get a drink of water. I took her out a bowl of water and got close, but she would not let me touch her. We spent the better part of 2 hours trying to lure her to us. I had dug up a travel carrier we had for our puppy and was going to try to lure her into it. Cheryl was standing on the pool deck and suddenly the bird flew and landed on her shoulder! Cheryl without giving it much thought, reached very quickly to her shoulder and “grabbed” the Cockatiel. The scared to death Cockatiel, without giving it much thought, latched on to one of Cheryl’s fingers with a death grip!! She did manage to get the bird in the carrier before bleeding to death! It was not funny to either Cheryl or the Cockatiel, at that time, however I had a real good laugh after we determined both would live!Smiley Faces

From Boid

I had intended to save the bird, keep it in the carrier until the owner could be found. It has been a couple of weeks and after looking at the local vet offices, watching the newspapers and looking for posters, still no owner. I broke down and bought a cage, feeders, toys, etc. and started calling the cockatiel “Boid” (borrowed from Tioga George). Boid is over his initial trauma of “meeting” Cheryl, , wellll for the most part, she still will not sit on my finger, but at least she doesn’t take it off.. Smiley Faces ..

Anyway, looks like our guest, Boid, may be with us for a while. It is not bad, we keep discovering that she is entertaining. We were sitting watching TV one night, when out of the blue, Boid starts whistling the theme from the “Andy Griffith Show”. ! We have not had the show on lately, so she had to learn that from her former owners! She wolf whistles a lot, dances on the perch a lot, but no one can touch her as of yet. I do get her to use my finger as quick step on her way to the other side of her cage. She only threatens to bite me once in a while, but if I don’t back off, she doesn’t bite hard.. Smiley Faces ..

Well enough about Boid, although she is one of the few exciting things to happen in our lives lately. I will try to not be so long in posting, but remember, I am not free of those chains called work …. Yet!
Smiley Faces….. Till next time God Bless.

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Alright a little excitement (for us anyway), Aunt Margaret and Uncle Donald are visiting from Corbin, Kentucky! We have not seen them since September. They are traveling across country in thier Winnebago Adventurer and we were on thier list of "must see" people, places and things :) .. Donald and Margaret Flowers are two extraordinary people who have lived fascinating and extradordinary lives. Both are former military, Uncle Donald is retired USAF and Aunt Margaret did not stay in to retire. Margaret is a registered nurse and retired from the state of Kentucky. They have raised thier children, three of them, and now they are traveling and enjoying life (sounds like they should be part of the RV-DREAMS family. :)

Saturday we decided to visit Jefferson, Texas and shop for antiques. It was a good time all round, but I thought the highlight of the trip was a visit to a car museum. Here are a few pictures I took (my favorite is the 57 chevy).

We also stopped at a little cafe that specialized in "cornbread sandwiches". Everyone tried some cornbread sandwich and the conclusion was that they are good! The bowl of chicken and dumplings were good also :) .. It took an awful lot of will power to reign in my appetite, but moderation prevailed!

After returning to Shrevport, we visited with them to around 11pm and didn't get to bed until almost midnight. We are getting together a little later for a family cookout with all the kids and grandkids here to visit with them. I guess I better get off the computer, go take a nerve pill :) and get ready for the crowd to arrive! Until next time......... GBY

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I spent 24 years in the military and in my mind indecision is a bad thing! Lately though I am having trouble making a decision. Which RV do I want to live in for a few years of my retirement life?

I thought we had decided on the Mobile Suites, but more information has come to light and I am again researching fifth wheels. I am currently trying to find out all that I can about Excel fifth wheels. All of you that own Excels please let me know how you like them, what you like about them and what you aren't that fond of about them. I need all the information and help I can get!

My brother in arms, Rollie Thurston decided on the Excel (he has no problem with indecision) He and his better half, Gina seem to be well satisfies with the choice. Check out there adventures at All Because Two People Fell In Love. Don't you just love the title?

If there are other choices out there that you would like to recommend, please let me know. At this point I am getting closer to that time to buy and still no firm decision.

Enough whining for today, till next time, God Bless You All.........

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I guess everything is back to “normal”, I am back at work, Cheryl is back to work and our little mini vacation is just a memory. :( … It was a great weekend that began because of a phone call to the DRV factory in Indiana. We have been wanting to look at some Mobile Suites fifth wheels to price and scope out the features, but could not find any in our local area. I decided to call the factory to see if I could locate the nearest dealer and spoke with the regional sales manager for this area. He informed me that the nation’s largest Mobile Suites dealer was Gauthier’s RV in Lafayette, Louisiana. I planned this past weekend trip and we after setting up at Poches’ Fish n Camp, we found Gauthier’s RV. Now I was told this was the nation’s largest Mobile Suites dealer, but he only had one Mobile Suites on the lot and it was sold! He informed that particular floor plan did not sit on the lot very long. He was kind enough to allow us to tour that one and we carefully proceeded to take a look. We loved the unit, it has all the features we are looking for and more. It even has a leveling system that they call the “level up system” that is hydraulic and levels the unit side to side. Cheryl and I both are thinking that we have found our fulltiming home, but wait a minute, there is a downside; the unit list for $120,000…….. !! There still may be hope though, the sales manager told us the unit we were looking at went for $85,000. How can that be? Either someone is very good at negotiations or our sales manager is using a little psychology in trying to sale us a unit!
After looking at the unit, inside and out, we sat for a little bit and talked with Rocky, the sales manager. He seemed like a nice guy and genuine. I told him I was a while away from buying and that I have get the proper sized truck first, then draw a few more paychecks, then I can talk serious about buying. He told me that was typical and that a lot of folks do it the same way. He said he could order ours from the factory, with our options and choices, then it would probably take a while to come in anyway. I think that Cheryl and I will be ready to buy sometime after October of 2010. :) ….. In the meantime I have to plan and look for a truck that will easily tow the 14,300lb (dry wt) fifth wheel (and look good doin it!) Any suggestions?

Once we had toured the Mobile Suites, we just settled down to some fishing and relaxing at Poches’. It turned out to be a fantastic weekend and I am hoping to return one weekend real soon to fish and relax. In the meantime we are working, preparing the house to sell and daydreaming about being on the road fulltime! ;)….. Till next time God Bless.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well I finally get a break! Cheryl and I have been so busy with work over the past couple of months, we are more than ready for a relaxation weekend. Recently I had called the DRV factory in Indiana to get the names of some local dealers for Mobile Suites. The regional rep told me the nations largest Mobile Suites dealer is in Lafayette, Louisiana. We decided that we are interested enough in looking to take the four hour trip to check it out. So we were looking at places to stay near Lafayette and we found one I recognized from previous blogs I had read by fellow dreamers. This is where we are:

From Poches Fish n Camp

We are at POCHES FISH N CAMP. It seems like a great place to relax, fish and unwind. Speaking of fishing, I am going to grab my gear, sit out back and fish a while. I will post more later. GBY

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hi all, I am alive and well! I have been just snowed under with work lately. Last weekend was airshow weekend at Barksdale AFB and I was heavily involved in the preparations! We have an airshow every year to coincide with the "Holiday In Dixie" festival here in Shreveport. The Navy Blue Angels were here again this year and put on a spectacular airshow. I did not get pictures of the show itself, however I did get some pictures up close while they were on the parking apron.

Well that is not the only excitement I have had in my life recently, My grandson, Nicholas was baptized! I am elated that he knows and accepts our savior! :)


Well till next time, God Bless you .......

Saturday, April 25, 2009


It is another Saturday morning and I love my Saturday mornings. I mean what is there not to love? I get to sleep late, if i can sleep :) .... then I get to sit in the recliner, drink coffee and read RV blogs! :).... This morning I also get to watch cartoons, the grandboys are with us for the weekend, so it is cartoon Saturday. Now I normally don't watch cartoons, but when the grands are around and they are on the tube, I realize they are fun to watch :) A little levity and nonsense can be rejuvenating........

Other than my watching cartoons this morning there is not much else to report, except we are both still working hard. We were off yesterday though, Cheryl had an endoscopy procedure. She got sedated with Demarol and had a pretty restful day after the whole "camera down the throat" thing! :) .... Anyway since I was her escort, I had a restful day too, after the "sit in the waiting room" thing...

Well I have goofed off long enough, time to get up and start some yard work... Till next time, GBY .............

Monday, April 20, 2009


Wheeew, I know this post is long overdue, but man have I ever been busy. . A little violin music please and maybe some cheese with this wine! :) .... I was busy enough as it is, but on April 9th tornados came to Shreveport/Bossier and made my life a good bit more hectic... I knew from watching the weather that morning that we had a possibility of some severe thunderstorms, but in the evening it didn’t look that bad outside, so I dismissed it from my mind... Cheryl and I sat down to watch a movie we had on DVD and know the title wasn’t “Gone With The Wind”! ... Well the movie ended and I switched back to regular local tv and lo and behold the weatherman was on and showing a tornado warning for our area. .. The warning cone looked as if it were in familiar territory and after looking at it more closely, I realized our house was right in the center of the warning cone path!! :( ... We started to head to a bathroom in the center of our house, but I cannot stand the thought of being shutup in the bathroom and not knowing what is going on outside and around me.... I headed for the back door and looked out to see a lot of wind, and nickel sized hail (some nickels and some dimes), but no tornado... After a little while it calmed a bit and there was nothing but hard rain and plenty of it! ..
Thank you father for watching over us and keeping us safe.

After continuing to watch the weather we were warned twice more of tornados and one of those decided to visit Barksdale AFB... It seems the one in our area kind of skipped right over us and touched down again a little further down the road, but the one at Barksdale touched down in a couple of places on the base. ... Although the tornado downed a lot of trees, especially on the golf course, there was not a whole lot of major damage to facilities. ... Unfortunately it was our service contractors that have to take care of the tree removal and debris cleanup, so I have been real busy lately.

I did not have my camera with me when I was out and about, but I did get a couple of pictures taken by a friend three days after the tornado hit the base and cleanup was in progress:

From Tornado Damage

From Tornado Damage

Our house did not sustain any damage, other that a few limbs down in the yard. At least I will have a good supply of camp firewood for a while. :) .. ..

I was able to take time out from tornado recovery to visit with the grand kids and kids for Easter. I needed the break and the kids were great, Thank God for my family.

From 2009-04-11-1826-42

From 2009-04-11-1826-42

The littlest one hunted those eggs real hard and soon after he was out for the count!

From Drop Box

I have also been able to plant a few tomatoes after the Easter break. I planted some in five gallon buckets, along with some peppers. I also planted three plants in “Topsy Turvey “ planters. I don’t know if you have ever seen them on TV or not, but the plant grows out of the bottom of the container. I will let you know how that turns out. ;) ..

From 2009-04-11-1826-42

On top of all that I continued to get the house ready to sell. I painted one of our bedrooms, changed the light switches and receptacles to bright white ones. I still need to replace the out-dated light fixture and hang new closet doors (we removed them long ago). As slow as I am working it will take another year to have the house ready! At least I am working toward my dream :)

Well I need to get busy….. till next time……. God Bless us all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Well it is Saturday and once more the weekend is upon us. I have a lot of chores to get done today, but so far I am sitting here reading blogs, drinking coffee and daydreaming! This week was not so tough at work as I am waiting on some of the contracts that I have written to be reviewed before I can continue the process. It has been a long week of things going wrong at the ole sticks and bricks though. One day Cheryl returned home and tried to open the garage door, when it failed to open she tried the button on the opener another couple of times. I pulled in behind her and tried my opener a couple of times also. We both assumed the power was out and I proceeded to search for the hardly ever used front door key. I found the key, unlocked the door, but it would not open. The treshold seal on the bottom of the door was bind the door. Between twisting the door knob and "shouldering" the door to get it open, I broke the throw bolt on the door :( .. I finally got in the blooming house though! It turns out the power was not off, the spring on the garage door had broken! Not only that but all the trying to open the door without the support of the spring had pulled the motor loose from the brackets and tore the arm loose! :( .. Now I know how to install a spring, but between finding the spring, buying it, then installing it (especially the tensioning part) and trying not to fall off another ladder, I decided to call Overhead Door to repair it. A few hours and $145.00 later, my garage door is now working. :) I got the front door closed and deadbolted, I have to replace the lockset on it today.

The morning after those mis-adventures, I went to fill the coffee pot and behold no water! I thought it was a water outage (notice a trend of blaming public utilities?) but soon found the water to be working in the rest of the house. It is something stopping the flow on the kitchen faucet. I will find out here in a few minutes as I go down my chore list! :0

Now I would rather spend my day getting things ready for us to go fulltime. I guess in a way (or at least I feel better thinking so) we are still getting the house ready, we can't sell a house with a broken faucet or front door lock now can we?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Woohoo……. I made it to Friday again :) ….. I feel exhausted today, mostly because I was up at 0430 this morning with problems (I won't offer too much information again). I am feeling better though and although they tell me we are in for a "severe weather night " tonight and rain again tomorrow, I am looking forward to this weekend. :) …..

I will probably spend a good part of this weekend getting my tax information together. Yes it is true, I have procrastinated in filing our taxes. I will probably have to pay some more, so I was not in a big hurry. Maybe our president will give me a tax break as part of the stimulus package, I will not hold my breath waiting on the government to rescue me!! I do anticipate them telling me when I can have my lights on and what color vehicle I am allowed to drive though! Well enough of that, just thinking about it gets my blood pressure going up. I better hurry and buy my fulltime RV before they regulate us so much we will not be able to buy one.

On a more cheerful note, I learned (in the chatroom) that the dreamers are planning another gathering in a few months in Rockport. When I told Cheryl, her response was, "don't care what it takes, get me there!". Well I guess I have my marching orders now don't I? :)

I am still at work and the clock says it is time to pack up and go……. See you later, maybe tonight in the chat…… who knows…. GBY

Thursday, March 26, 2009


What more can I say? It is almost Friday and after a boring week of work, I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and unwinding! Unfortunately, the weatherman is telling me we will probably have severe weather (in Louisiana that means tornados) tomorrow night and rain on Saturday :( Oh well, I will still get in the relaxation. :) ...

Cheryl had to go to an annual meeting for the credit union where she works. I am supposed to go also since I am a member, but I had something for lunch that didn't agree with me and I am home trying to get it out of my system. Ok, maybe that was too much information....... It is too bad I am missing the meeting, they have free dinner and door prizes :) of course I don't feel like I could eat anything and I never win door prizes... or contests ..... or million dollar lotteries.

If it sounds like I am whining, well I may have been, but I realize how much God has blessed me. Sometimes I have to vent, then I am reminded of how blessed I am. Anyway, thanks for reading my friends and I am cutting this short for now ( I will not give too much information this time)..... Please check back soon. GBY

Monday, March 23, 2009


Well after a productive weekend of cleaning out the backyard, cutting limbs and cutting grass I am not so “blue” at coming back to work! It felt good to get those chores done though, because I know it is all in preparation for getting the house on the market and retiring :) …

My day started at 0530 hours (did I mention I work for the military?) and first order of business was coffee of course. I have a couple of cups of starter fluid as I prepare for the day. I also have a healthy regimen of Insulin, blood pressure meds , glucophage and of course some vitamins for dessert. I normally wait one hour after the diabetes meds before having some instant oatmeal (usually at my desk) for breakfast. Hey, if I could figure out how to get a boiling pot of water at my desk, I could have the omelet in a freezer bag for breakfast :) …

Once I have taken care of the important stuff, I turn to the computer, open AutoCad on one screen and Excel on the other screen, Outlook in the background and then the race is on! I review a facility drawing, breakdown the service task called for in the contract, then place the square footage in the proper column of the spreadsheet and my estimate has begun. About 30 minutes later, someone will usually pass by my desk and wake me up :) ….. zzzzzzzzzz.

Why do I work so hard?:

Can anyone tell me?:

From Work

One of my favorite times of the day is lunch time. I sometimes will take a walk around the base, sometimes go to the fitness center, and a lot of times I’ll go downtown to have lunch with my sweetie :) … bottom line is I get the heck out of the office!

Finally, sometimes it comes painfully slow, but my most favorite time of the day will roll around, quitting time :) ……. Woohooo… It takes me about 25-30 minutes to drive home. Once home I am usually so exhausted I don’t do much, but find that recliner and turn on the laptop to read the blogs. I have so many to read that usually I don’t have time to post to my this blog, I usually don’t have that much exciting to write about and now that you know a little more about my typical day, you can see what I mean :) … But hey, hang in there, don’t quit reading my blog yet, maybe tomorrow I will try to write about Cheryl’s typical day!! Til then……………….. GBY