Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our State of Mind

Well we are still here in Shreveport, but lately we have discovered that happiness is a "state of mind". We are enjoying each day of life as we live it. It also helps to know if we are inside the coach and pull all the shades, we can imagine we are anywhere we desire!

The routine could use a little change though, we are thinking of a short trip, just a three day weekend kind of trip. The trick to that is getting a three day weekend. There are a lot of interesting places we could go that are within an 8 hour drive. There is Dallas and the lakes around that area, Hickory Creek COE is always fun. Gulf Shores area is within the 8 hour drive category as well. The problem with most to these is that we only get to stay a day or two at the most. I guess we can consider the weekend trips as scouting trips for recon.

There is nothing new happening with our sticks and bricks yet. We are still trying to decide if it is better to get all repairs done, then sale or put it on the market "as is". Bottom line is we need to sale while we are in that "state of mind". We have been spending a lot of weekends at the S&B and we start thinking, maybe keep the house too. We don't want to entertain that thought, it could be expensive!