Friday, March 27, 2009


Woohoo……. I made it to Friday again :) ….. I feel exhausted today, mostly because I was up at 0430 this morning with problems (I won't offer too much information again). I am feeling better though and although they tell me we are in for a "severe weather night " tonight and rain again tomorrow, I am looking forward to this weekend. :) …..

I will probably spend a good part of this weekend getting my tax information together. Yes it is true, I have procrastinated in filing our taxes. I will probably have to pay some more, so I was not in a big hurry. Maybe our president will give me a tax break as part of the stimulus package, I will not hold my breath waiting on the government to rescue me!! I do anticipate them telling me when I can have my lights on and what color vehicle I am allowed to drive though! Well enough of that, just thinking about it gets my blood pressure going up. I better hurry and buy my fulltime RV before they regulate us so much we will not be able to buy one.

On a more cheerful note, I learned (in the chatroom) that the dreamers are planning another gathering in a few months in Rockport. When I told Cheryl, her response was, "don't care what it takes, get me there!". Well I guess I have my marching orders now don't I? :)

I am still at work and the clock says it is time to pack up and go……. See you later, maybe tonight in the chat…… who knows…. GBY

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Randy and Terry said...

Hey Don & Cheryl! Just want to thank for the offer of a few "helpers," but we got out of prison without too much trouble. :) If you're out this way, check it out.

And thanks for reading the blog. It's fun to know that someone's out there.