Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think it is time for me to catch up on my posting. We arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort late Sunday afternoon after a beautiful drive through the heart of Texas. It was a great drive, but long and tedious. After we set up the camper we joined a group of "Dreamers" on the club house patio and were properly greeted. Kathy was making some delicious looking real strawberry drinks and I was thoroughly tempted to endulge in one, however the Rum involved was enough to deter me from drinking one. We all know how I get when I get a little rum in me.... :) just kidding, I cannot drink a lot of alcohol for health reasons, I may have a small glass of wine once in a while, but that is it. So Kathy if you are reading this, thanks for the offer and please don't be offended because I declined. If I hadn't thought it to be rude on my part I would have asked for a virgin drink, those strawberries looked good. :)

Anyway, we had to do the Walmart run for some groceries and things, then get gas in Big Red, and explored the area a little. Well I explored the area a little too thoroughly and started ignoring "Lola" (our gps) and the next thing I know we were lost in America!! :) Lola got tired of me ignoring her recalculations and locked up on me and by the time I got her reset, we were deep in the hill country and in the dark!! :) She finally got us home after I started listening to her again. Cheryl says that is just like me to not listen to a female trying to tell me which way to go :)

As a result of our late escapades, we missed the smores by campfire get together on Sunday evening. We were fortunate enough to make the "heavy hors devoures" on Monday evening however :) Now it was supposedly heavy snacks, but man that was quite a spread. I probably gained a pound or two that night!!

Tuesday Cheryl and I struck out for New Braunfels and then San Antonio. We visited New Braunfels to go to Camping World and revisit Oma's Haus, a great German restuarant we found a few years ago. Thefood was as good as we remembered it to be! :) We also visited Landa Park on the river.

We took off for San Antonio after that and walked the river walk. Soon I was tried of walking so we took the boat tour. It was a good tour with some informative narration. The only thing that would have been better would have been if they could have dropped me off at the truck instead of taking me right back where we started!

Well we got back into the campground to find out we had missed a birthday party held for Brenda, our Canadian dreamer. We were sorry we missed it, they look like they had a blast! Happy Birthday Brenda......

Wednesday morning it was about 36 degrees and raining like crazy! :( We stayed home all day and the resort looked deserted. I did have to make a propane run, we are going through it quickly trying to heat our little camper!

This morning we slept in until 8:30, had breakfast and finally saw some fellow dreamers outside (the rain has subsided). Leno visited with us for a few minutes as well as Rollie. Cheryl and I decided to visit Fredericksburg, so off we went. I will post about that visit later, now I have to get ready for an outing with fellow dreamers.

Until next time....GBY...

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