Monday, March 23, 2009


Well after a productive weekend of cleaning out the backyard, cutting limbs and cutting grass I am not so “blue” at coming back to work! It felt good to get those chores done though, because I know it is all in preparation for getting the house on the market and retiring :) …

My day started at 0530 hours (did I mention I work for the military?) and first order of business was coffee of course. I have a couple of cups of starter fluid as I prepare for the day. I also have a healthy regimen of Insulin, blood pressure meds , glucophage and of course some vitamins for dessert. I normally wait one hour after the diabetes meds before having some instant oatmeal (usually at my desk) for breakfast. Hey, if I could figure out how to get a boiling pot of water at my desk, I could have the omelet in a freezer bag for breakfast :) …

Once I have taken care of the important stuff, I turn to the computer, open AutoCad on one screen and Excel on the other screen, Outlook in the background and then the race is on! I review a facility drawing, breakdown the service task called for in the contract, then place the square footage in the proper column of the spreadsheet and my estimate has begun. About 30 minutes later, someone will usually pass by my desk and wake me up :) ….. zzzzzzzzzz.

Why do I work so hard?:

Can anyone tell me?:

From Work

One of my favorite times of the day is lunch time. I sometimes will take a walk around the base, sometimes go to the fitness center, and a lot of times I’ll go downtown to have lunch with my sweetie :) … bottom line is I get the heck out of the office!

Finally, sometimes it comes painfully slow, but my most favorite time of the day will roll around, quitting time :) ……. Woohooo… It takes me about 25-30 minutes to drive home. Once home I am usually so exhausted I don’t do much, but find that recliner and turn on the laptop to read the blogs. I have so many to read that usually I don’t have time to post to my this blog, I usually don’t have that much exciting to write about and now that you know a little more about my typical day, you can see what I mean :) … But hey, hang in there, don’t quit reading my blog yet, maybe tomorrow I will try to write about Cheryl’s typical day!! Til then……………….. GBY


Debbie Goode said...

My,my,my you are a busy boy these days! Glad you two had such a good time in Kerrville! Don't worry, your rv days are coming--one thing I have learned as I get older---time flies. LOL

Bob and Molly said...

Hi there was great seeing both of you in Kerrville! Hope your travels home were great!
Do you still have the tablecloths for sale? If so, I'd like to get one!! Hugs to both of you!