Thursday, March 26, 2009


What more can I say? It is almost Friday and after a boring week of work, I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and unwinding! Unfortunately, the weatherman is telling me we will probably have severe weather (in Louisiana that means tornados) tomorrow night and rain on Saturday :( Oh well, I will still get in the relaxation. :) ...

Cheryl had to go to an annual meeting for the credit union where she works. I am supposed to go also since I am a member, but I had something for lunch that didn't agree with me and I am home trying to get it out of my system. Ok, maybe that was too much information....... It is too bad I am missing the meeting, they have free dinner and door prizes :) of course I don't feel like I could eat anything and I never win door prizes... or contests ..... or million dollar lotteries.

If it sounds like I am whining, well I may have been, but I realize how much God has blessed me. Sometimes I have to vent, then I am reminded of how blessed I am. Anyway, thanks for reading my friends and I am cutting this short for now ( I will not give too much information this time)..... Please check back soon. GBY

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Leno said...

Just to let you know a bunch of us dreamers have already made reservations for The Last Resort in Rockport Tx for next winter. Some are there for Jan,Feb,March,April, several of us for the month of March.. Just want you to have a heads up on it.
Hope you feel better.