Thursday, June 4, 2009


I guess everything is back to “normal”, I am back at work, Cheryl is back to work and our little mini vacation is just a memory. :( … It was a great weekend that began because of a phone call to the DRV factory in Indiana. We have been wanting to look at some Mobile Suites fifth wheels to price and scope out the features, but could not find any in our local area. I decided to call the factory to see if I could locate the nearest dealer and spoke with the regional sales manager for this area. He informed me that the nation’s largest Mobile Suites dealer was Gauthier’s RV in Lafayette, Louisiana. I planned this past weekend trip and we after setting up at Poches’ Fish n Camp, we found Gauthier’s RV. Now I was told this was the nation’s largest Mobile Suites dealer, but he only had one Mobile Suites on the lot and it was sold! He informed that particular floor plan did not sit on the lot very long. He was kind enough to allow us to tour that one and we carefully proceeded to take a look. We loved the unit, it has all the features we are looking for and more. It even has a leveling system that they call the “level up system” that is hydraulic and levels the unit side to side. Cheryl and I both are thinking that we have found our fulltiming home, but wait a minute, there is a downside; the unit list for $120,000…….. !! There still may be hope though, the sales manager told us the unit we were looking at went for $85,000. How can that be? Either someone is very good at negotiations or our sales manager is using a little psychology in trying to sale us a unit!
After looking at the unit, inside and out, we sat for a little bit and talked with Rocky, the sales manager. He seemed like a nice guy and genuine. I told him I was a while away from buying and that I have get the proper sized truck first, then draw a few more paychecks, then I can talk serious about buying. He told me that was typical and that a lot of folks do it the same way. He said he could order ours from the factory, with our options and choices, then it would probably take a while to come in anyway. I think that Cheryl and I will be ready to buy sometime after October of 2010. :) ….. In the meantime I have to plan and look for a truck that will easily tow the 14,300lb (dry wt) fifth wheel (and look good doin it!) Any suggestions?

Once we had toured the Mobile Suites, we just settled down to some fishing and relaxing at Poches’. It turned out to be a fantastic weekend and I am hoping to return one weekend real soon to fish and relax. In the meantime we are working, preparing the house to sell and daydreaming about being on the road fulltime! ;)….. Till next time God Bless.


JB said...

If it was me, I would be looking at the Ford F-450. Lot's of power and more than capable of hauling that kind of load.

Joe and Sherri said...

I am fishing but have not caught anything yet. Wish you guys were here.