Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ok, I know I said I would try to not take so long to post, so much for that effort! This is a rare day, I am off from work and even more rare I was wondering what to do next!! I signed on the dusty ole computer to read some blogs and the realization hit me, I have a blog too! Thanks Penny for the reminder Smiley Faces.

I actually called in this morning, I am not feeling "up to speed" (no pun intended Speedy). I have plenty of sick leave so why not? Needless to say I have been doing hardly anything besides working lately and it is beginning to take its toll on my energy levels. Gee I am still a young man I am not supposed to "run out of gas" so quickly!!

In my last post I told of our rescueing "Boid", a wayward Cockatiel that found the sanctuary of our home. Boid has had a hard time adjusting to her new environment and at most times seems a little unfriendly. I do hold her some, she bites me but with little force, seeming to just tell me she doesn't like being held! Cheryl doesn't even try to hold her, especially since Boid caused her much pain in the rescueing of Boid!! Smiley Faces Boid does keep us entertained sometimes with her whistling and mimicking, however after discussing what we will do with her during our travels I think we may be looking for a good home for Boid :(

We will be heading to Hickory Creek COE campground on the 16th of September and while we are there (only about 3 days) we will be attending the RV Show in Dallas. We will also be able to visit with Joe and Sherri, Rollie and Gina, possibly Mike and Leslie and hopefully more (the more the better!). We will be in site 44 if anyone wants to visit, just knock first so you won't catch me in my boxers! Smiley Faces

We are getting very close to meeting our financial goals and we are ready to start some serious looking for the RV setup for our fulltime lifestyle. I believe we could buy within this next year, depending on if we decide to sell the house or not. Sometimes it seems like a "no-brainer" then traditional thinking intervenes and we doubt our decisions once again!

Well I guess I had better get ready to go meet Cheryl for lunch. She is working today, bless her heart. I will post again! Until then God Bless you all....


squawmama said...

Glad to see you post pop up on my list... Sounds like your ready to hit the road and get some fun into your daily schedule instaed of work... Don't be afraid to just hit the road... It is a wonderful life and we are so happy we did it almost 6 years ago... Someday we may get another home but I don't see it to near... Enjoy your day!

Have Fun & Travel Safe

Leno said...

Hmmm, will keep Hickory Creek in mind. You never know.. Have fun.

Joe and Sherri said...

Hey we will knock we are in 98 so far unless we change. See ya then.

Tom and Marci said...

We missed you, Doncat!! Glad to see your post, and that all is well!

Have a great time on your trip!

Marci & Tom

Allan and Jeanne said...

We love our Excel so check them out. We bought a 2005 35MKO in 2007. We have a medium duty truck (freightliner)We could have pulled it with a 450. GVWR is 17,500. We have been to the factory and were impressed with the service dept. Water has seeped into the compartment doors and will need to be replaced at some point, otherwise we have been happy with the RV. Construction good. Would buy another one.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Well, I expect you are in Hickory Creek by now. I hoped that I could make it up there, but it isn't possible.
I hope that you are going to post about it, it sounds like a great place. I expect a lot of folks would like to know more.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Jim and Dee said...

So good to hear you're getting close. We'll be on the road soon. We're getting use to apartment living and STILL getting rid of stuff. Since we went to the factory of a couple brands (Heartland and Carriage) the choice was Carriage. See you real soon on the road.