Thursday, November 27, 2008


A very happy Thanksgiving to all and may God bless us each and every one. I love this time of year, the beginning of the holidays and time for family get-togethers. I love my family and I truly believe that since we all share the same heavenly father we are all family, HAPPY THANKSGIVING FAMILY! :)

I have so much to be thankful for and at the top of the list is the grace of God. Without God's grace life would be harsh, bitter and unbearable due to my weak and sinful nature. Through God's grace I am forgiven and recieve the blessings of the Father. Thank You God.

Of course also at the top of my list of blessings is my beautiful wife of nearly 39 years, Cheryl. She has stuck with me through difficult times and wonderful times alike, always there to care for me and love me. How can I not love someone who can put up with me! :)

My family, starting with my two daughters, then later in life my son, growing to two son in laws, then four grandchildren, then recently a daughter in law is truly the foundation of my life. I have the most wonderful family I can imagine and they make me feel like I am the center of their lives also. I love my family. :)

There are plenty more blessings in my life, such as my friends in the RV DREAMS FAMILY. I have met many decent and caring friends and pray that I will meet with them often in future travels. :)

To my extended family I say:


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Joe and Sherri said...

Don...yes you are a lucky man. I enjoy your journal when you get around to write in it. I can't say much I have been remiss in posting on my journal. Really Sherri and I enjoy your writing and you do have a sence of humor.