Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well here I am again, back at work and having a ball! Now if you believe that I have some swamp land in Nevada I would like to sell You!!!

Don't you just love those "rosy" cheeks? A lot of people think I drink a lot because of my redness, but it is caused by a skin condition known as Roscasea. On the other hand, rambling a lot while posting in a blog is caused by drinking a lot ;) .....Just kidding, unless drinking a lot includes iced tea :)

I guess one good thing about not having a lot of readers is I can ramble on and write nonsensical and no one complains! Hey check out these pictures that someone emailed me.

Since I am in the picture posting mood ...... my son came over and we all decided to go into town Saturday night, here we are just before leaving........

Again, I am just kidding, it is a photo I found while browsing my photo album, we don't get dressed like that except for church, marriages, funerals, funerals related to marriages and hangings.. :)

Well before I get too silly I guess I will quit for today and get back to work.... remember every day is a gift from:

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Randy & Pam Warner said...

You asked about bike recommendations. I would start with a mountain bike with some gears and a good seat:
Here's one at SAM's club:

looks like they have some others also, depending how much you want to spend.

Dicks Sporting Goods has some good selections too including a nice looking more traditional Schwinn:

When we were at Kirtland AFB in 1990 a friend recommended we spend a little more and get mountain bikes. We did and still have them. Later I got a road bike.

Hope that helps.

Randy & Pam