Saturday, December 6, 2008


Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it is only the beginning of the holiday season. We love the holidays, especially Cheryl. She loves decorating with lights, snowmen, singing santas and all kinds of stuff. Her eyes brighten and she is like a kid in a candy store! I love watching her enjoy the season. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHERYL :)

Speaking of decorating, the grands (and Cheryl) had a ball decorating the tree on Thanksgiving day. I was a little "under the weather", so I forgot to take any pictures. The whole family was over and being with them helped me to feel better :)

Since I am having to write this a little along, it is now Monday. Woohoo I get to go to work! Up at 5:30AM, why not I wasn't sleeping very well anyway, shower, shave and off we go. What a beautiful sunrise over Shreveport this morning, pinks, purples and shades of blue. Don't ya just love Mondays........ yeah I know, I've done gone over the edge!! :)

I get here this morning to find I have to start two new declining balance spreadsheets and try to figure out why my funding is short on a service contract. Man where else can you have this much fun and get paid too?? Well I better get busy and I will try to post more later. I will also try to get some pictures included. Would you rather have pictures of the sunrise of the spreadsheets?

Remember, every Monday is a gift from God! :)


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Joe and Sherri said...

Let me see...seeing as how I deal with spreadsheets every day I think I would rather have the picture of the sunset. Man I am right there with you on that working thing.