Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We have begun a tradition about 3 years ago of camping out for Veteran's Day week. I am a veteran so that is how I reward myself. :) This time we are camping at Rocky Point COE in Texarkana, Texas. It is one of our favorite places to camp due to it being only about an hour and a half from home. We get to spend more time camping and less time traveling, even though we enjoy the traveling part too! (We loved driving to Branson for the rally).

This trip started out great on Saturday and Sunday, perfect weather, nice and cool in the evenings, then started the raining last night. There were chances of severe storms, which thank God never happened (yet). It has been raining steady so far today, but we enjoyed sleeping late, taking our time getting out of bed, drinking a pot of coffee, then breakfast. Now I am having fun blogging, thanks to my new ATT aircard. :)

Normally I would not be able to get on the internet, but now I have the card! I am mostly happy with the card, but presently it keeps connecting to a 2G network instead of a 3G network and seems slower because of that. Huh?

At any rate we are going to be here until Saturday, maybe Sunday if the weather clears. I may even get to try some fishing too. Is this a little taste of retired life and fulltiming or what? :) Everyday of life is like a gift from God.........


Joe and Sherri said...

Man I knew it...I get behind on my reading and Don Cat starts writing! OK Pal you have to keep this up so I can keep up with you. The paint job looks great!!! You are a master with a can of paint. I may need to hire you. Did you do the whole rig??? Good to see you posting again.

Joe and Sherri

Doncat said...

Is a "bad" day in the life of a fulltimer a whole lot better than a dull day in the life of a wannabe? LOL :) I know you two will recover and be happily on your way.
Don and Cheryl