Monday, January 5, 2009


We had a great weekend and spent some time getting rid of "stuff". What a liberating feeling! Cheryl and I were both surprised that it wasn't that hard, or at least not emotionally like we thought it would be, but still physically exhausting. We gave all of the stuff to our oldest daughter, who will sort through it and keep what she would like to keep. She will also have a yard sale to make some bucks :) Cheryl and I decided we didn't want to go through the hassle of a yard sale right now, since we spend all week working and my daughter could use the money more anyway.We still have a ways to go in getting rid of a lifetime of stuff, but now we feel great starting our preparations for fulltiming :) We know where the rest of the stuff is going, some in storage, but most to our children as "hierlooms".

Well it was a great holiday season, and a productive weekend, but now it is back to making a buck. I am on a financial plan that will have us ready for the road in 2 to 3 years, depending on the market and unforeseen expenses. I need to rush the plan, because I think my health may give out before the money! Cheryl and I are working hard to accelerate the plan :)

We are also still trying to decide on an RV, fifth-wheel or motorhome? My health issues may play into that decision also, for example; athritis has set into my left hand (probably due to a past injury) and I cannot grip much with my left hand. How will that effect my ability to set up a fifth-wheel versus a motorhome? Of course I have to take into consideration that new technologies are out there that help us to "work smarter" and not so hard. Wow, this is not an easy decision for us, hopefully some of our RV friends out there will give us plenty of good advice and make it easier :)

In the meantime, I am making a few repairs to the travel trailer to make it more enjoyable for couple of more years. I need to replace the tires before I make another "long haul" trip. I hope to do that before March and then maybe I can make "the gathering" in Texas :) I recently order new fixtures for our shower, which included the much acclaimed Oxygenics shower head. I am not as handy at making repairs as my friend Speedhitch, but hopefully we will make our trailer comfortable enough to last us another couple of years until we buy that ...... uh whatever we decide on :)

Once again I have run out of time....... Until next time GBY :)


Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

Don, I don't think it would be anymore difficult to hook up a toad for a class a than a 5th wheel to a truck. Physically it is pretty easy. Most difficult thing for me is to reach the little pad lock I use on the hitch release so no one can pull the handle and I not know it. I sometimes use a one step step stool.

Mac and Netters said...

Great Blog Don! We are also in the process of downsizing. We have sorted and packed until we do it in our It will be great if you guys can make it to Kerrville in March. Mac & I would lovve to meet you both. Netters

Joe and Sherri said...

OK Don here is the deal. I read Ellie and Jim's journal this morning and Jim had his MH serviced and it cost him $1000.00 now that made up my mind real fast. I don't nor will I ever have that kind of money. I owned a MH for 7 years and believe me it cost me twice as much to upkeep as my trailer and truck. Also you have to go to special shops to have you MH worked on. Believe me Pal you will be much better off with the
5th wheel. As far as health...I am a disabled Vet and I have all kinds of issues but never had one minute of trouble hitching up the
5ver. Enjoyed your journal keep it up.

Joe and Sherri

Gimmarro's said...

Hi Don,

We added your blog to our list to read. I really enjoy it - the boys really liked the pictures of the space shuttle. I want to get one started very soon, so we can chronical our progress towards full-timing also. Keep up the good work! Hi to Cheryl, too!
Tom, Marci, Nicolas and Bryce