Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer Problems and RV Improvements

I know it has been a while since my last post, I have been having some aircard problems, coupled with a laptop problem (trouble seems to come in pairs). I am finally able to get back online and do some catching up! I broke my aircard by plugging a booster antenna into it; actually it was unplugging it that did the breaking. When I unplugged the antennae, the connector came out of the aircard, in other words I ripped its guts out! I sent the aircard off to be repaired and have not heard any status or estimated return date as of yet.

Other than the unfortunate computer problems, things have been mostly routine. I am writing a couple of new service contracts at work and it is keeping me pretty busy. Seems like I leave for work before daylight and get home after dark!

I did find the time to install our newly acquired Oxygenics shower head and new faucets in our trailer. It was not a hard task, however I highly recommend that if you ever have to install a new faucets; always ensure the water connections are straight threaded and use teflon tape or plumbers putty. :) I screwed one of the connections on cross threaded and while Cheryl watched the plumbing I went out to cut on the water, in about a second flat I heard her yelling, “cut it off, cut it off” ! Water had sprayed all inside of our cabinets where the access was located. Oh well, after drying all that out, everthing else seems to be working great. The shower head definitely has more pressure :) .

One day this past week we were on the way home and spotted a Select Suites fifth wheel sitting in a parking lot with a for sale sign in the window. Of course we had to stop and take a look! It is a 2007 Select Suites TK3, 36ft long. It was locked of course and we could not see the inside, but besides being a bit dirty the outside looked good. We took down the phone number and gave the owner a call. It seems they just want the “pay-off” amount of $47k. We still have not made an appointment to look at it yet, but it has peaked our interest. The only problem is getting a truck that will pull the thing! I have a 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD and I think the tow capacity is 11,000lbs. I don’t believe is enough. Anyway we are trying to make up our minds whether to even look at it or not. :)

Well I have bored you enough for this time, hopefully it will not be as long before I can bore you again :) or maybe something exciting will happen soon (like my winning the lottery or something) and I will have something interesting to write about ;) Until then God Bless You...


Tom and Marci said...

Hi Don and Cheryl,

Good to see you back online! Tom was handling plumbing issues today, too. No water spraying around here, though - good thing!

Go look at that 5th wheel! You'll be one more step closer to your dream.

We finally started our blog - check it out

Have a good week!


Jim and Dee said...

It's great hearing from you! One step closer and that 5er sounds awesome. I understand about the truck, but there's good deals out there, just have to find them.