Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey, just checking in to let everyone know I still have an internet connection (so far). We have been having a good holiday weekend that included an outing with the "grands" yesterday. We took the three younger ones to the aircraft museum on Barksdale AFB and they had a ball. The oldest "grand" stayed home and watched football with his dad. I wish I had taken the camera, but alas, I did not. The youngsters wore me out running around the airplanes, but I needed the exercise anyway!

I made a slight change to the website, I had to remove my PayPal purchase buttons for the "Stable Tablecloth". I had a customer from Canada order one and evidently I did not have the system set up correctly, it did not include the shipping cost in the billing. The shipping cost to his address in Canada was about as much as the cost of the tablecloth! He decided to wait for an upcoming visit and save some shipping cost. Maybe he will just drop by Shreveport to visit and I will give him a discount :) Anyhow just to let everyone know I still have a few tablecloths and if you would like one just shoot me an email. I am going to rework the PayPal "thingie" and maybe get it back on the site soon.

Well it is really nice outside right now and I believe Cheryl and I are going out for a walk. See ya next time..........

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