Sunday, August 24, 2008


It has been a busy week, with lots of work projects and medical appointments in between! There is not a whole lot of anything to write about, unless you want to hear about my upcoming dental surgery... nah it is too scary to talk about. I am highly allergic to pain and suffering, which I always relate to any dental visit!!

I know I should post more, but by the time I get home from my day of work (and/or medical appointments) and read all my favorite blogs (about 18 of them), then it is time for bed..... :)

Cheryl and I have been thinking a lot lately about our transition into fulltiming and a timetable. The out of pocket dental expenses and upcoming trip to South Carolina will affect the timetable a little, but not that much. I always figured there would be variables in my plan. Now I need to decide how soon we need to buy the fulltime RV? We both wish we had it to take on the trip to SC. :)

Oh well, I guess we will get the travel trailer ready for the trip and be happy with what we have. I do need to clean it up though, the roof is due to be cleaned and treated again. I also need to clean the black streaks on the sides. Does anyone know the best way to clean black streaks on aluminum sided trailers? I have used different cleaners and solutions, along with some hard scrubbing, until I am losing paint in some areas. Do the smooth sided RVs get black streaks as bad as the corrugated aluminum sided ones? I heard that RVs that have automotive type paint do not streak as bad.

Well I guess I best sign off for now, Cheryl wants to go and visit with the G-kids for a little while. That always brightens my day!! :)

Until next time.......

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Joe and Sherri said...

Yes Don they do have streaks. I was out today trying to clean mine. My roof also needs a good cleaning. Where the AC has run all summer is a real mess. Gunky is that a word? Well it should be to discribe my roof around the AC unit for sure. I need to recauld some areas on the seams too and just work it over this Fall. It has been to hot to do that now.

Joe and Sherri