Saturday, August 2, 2008


Wow, another week gone by in the life of Don and Cheryl! It was a week of trying to control my emotions as I dealt with unreasonable requests. Has Don lost it? If not I sure have come close! I have been working around the government long enough to realize, they don't care how you make it work, just make it work. Well enough of my griping. :)

It was good to reach the end of the day on Friday and just sit out on the pool deck, sipping on an iced tea, watching our family of hummingbirds. :)


Ok, it is Saturday morning and Cheryl and I are debating on either a road trip or late afternoon fishing trip..... hmmm air conditioned car or river bank at about 100 degrees? I don't know, will let you know later......... GBY


Joe and Sherri said...

It has been so hot here I would have to vote on the AC. I love to fish but...

Joe and Sherri

Dee and Jim said...

I think you're right. The govt, doesn't care how, just do. We thought the same thing. Relax when you can.