Friday, September 5, 2008


The title may be a bit of a misnomer, those that know me tell me I never have been normal! Well Gustav came and went, we are still here. Other than having to work long hours and being exhausted as a result, Gustav did very little damage to Barksdale AFB and the Shreveport area. After all my work to ensure that FEMA would be able house an operations center for a sustained period, they are packing up and standing ready to head to the east coast! After all the work to ensure that numerous shelters were available and useable on the base, they are no longer needed. Thank God!

Now it seems that after Hanna, there is Ike and the possibility that after hitting the tip of Florida, Ike may head to the gulf. We are scheduled to leave for South Carolina about the time Ike gets to Florida, you better believe we will be keeping an eye on the projected path!

I am curious, those fulltime RVers on the east coast or south Florida, do you plan on hitching up and getting out of the area before the storms hit? I wonder what I would do in that situation…. Hmmm. In my travels around the base today I drove through the FamCamp area. The place is packed with RVs parked in the grass next to regular sites, sharing hookups. These are mostly folks from south Louisiana that hitched up and got the heck out of dodge before Gustav. Most have sticks and bricks, but happened to have RVs also. They are comfortable in our FamCamp, but anxious to get back to survey the damage to their houses. The only thing holding some of them back is reports of no power in their areas.

On to other subjects; I noticed Howard is considering a site in Colorado for the next RV DREAMS rally. I would love to attend a rally in Colorado in June, that would be do cool…. :) I have already been mapping out the trip, it is over 900 miles from Shreveport. I will pass through the Dallas area, so maybe I can join up with Speedy there and have us a convoy…… :)

Tomorrow is a special day, it is Cheryl’s xxth birthday!! I am buying her a new rocking recliner, shhhh.. of course there will be a card, flowers and a special dinner (a gift I can enjoy also).

Until next time….remember, every day is a gift from God..


Jim and Dee said...

Good news on no damage to the base! Let's hope Ike doesn't come that way.

Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing your portion of Gods gift with us. Hey no kidding if we do the Colorado rally plan on coming through here and we will go together. Just like the pioneers we will head west.

Joe and Sherri