Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The sky is falling, the sky is falling…… or is it? This has certainly been a time of confusion and could surely lead to a lot of uncertainty. Cheryl and I checked our retirement accounts and found that the values overall have dropped over $8,000. Our first inclination was to reduce our investments that come from our paychecks automatically. However I truly believe that the sky is not falling and the markets will recover, so instead I am thinking of increasing my investments before this “sale” ends!! :)

I figure that bailout or no bailout, the markets will recover and the value of my shares will increase even more. The only question is “ How long will it take for the market to resume growth?”. The answer to that question will certainly determine my retirement date and subsequently my fulltiming date. I had originally planned to retire in February 2012, now if the market takes longer to recover, that date may slide a couple of years. It may not effect my retirement date, but how I plan to retire, debt free or having to borrow for my fulltime RV.

Oh well, any way this situation plays out, I still have to work a while longer. I thank God for every day I am able to get out of bed and take myself to work! I thank God even more for those brief excursions into the world of RVing, such as the rallies and RV DREAMS get-togethers!! :)

Till next time……………..


Joe and Sherri said...

I hope the two of you get to go to the "Gathering" at Kerrville. We would love to see you both again.

Joe and Sherri

Jim and Dee said...

That's the exact thing we're thinking about. We may have to wait, we're sure not going into debt, it's going to get worse before it gets better. I just wish we could go to Kerrville to see everyone. Maybe next time.