Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well we are back at the ole sticks and bricks after an interesting "vacation". We should have figured the whole trip was going to be different due to how it started. The night before we were to leave we had plumbing problems in our kitchen, wetting our cabinets underneath the sinks. Rather than taking the time to replace the faulty plumbing and disposer, I elected to just cut everything off and leave it until our return. Upon our return the particle board bottoms of our cabinets were swelled and the doors would not shut. Oh well I needed a project to help me pass the time :)

The trip to South Carolina went well..... except for the outrageous price of a hotel room. I don't think I will be traveling without our home on wheels again!! We stayed with Cheryl's sister and it was great to see her again after 3 years. We spent hours talking, laughing and just enjoying each other. Then on Sunday we met with the rest of the family for a short but heartwarming reunion. We saw members of Cheryl's side of the family we had not seen for years. What great fun.

Later in the week, we went to Myrtle Beach to visit with our niece. We started the trip a little late and we rode with Cheryl's sister in her car, therefore we did not get to see all that we wanted. We did not even take time to see the ocean. No big deal though, Cheryl and I used to live there for 7 years. :)

The trip home was uneventful and the overnight stay in a hotel, once again expensive. When we arrived at the house not only did we find the results of the plumbing problem, but we found problems resulting from the power being out for 4 days. It seems that Hurricane Ike wanted us to know he had been here! Food had thawed and ice had melted, ending up on the vinyl floor! Oh well, as said, I needed something to keep me busy......

The highlight of the week came Friday. I was at my desk, slee..oops working and noticed an email that arrived, concerning some free concert tickets available for some of hard working military types. I was quick to respond and as a result, Cheryl and I ended up going to see RASCAL FLATTS on tour!!! What a fantastically great concert! Not only did we get RASCAL FLATTS, but also Taylor Swift was a special guest. Taylor sang for about an hour, then RASCAL FLATTS sang for 2 hours. Any and all frustration we had just melted away as we listened to the extended version of "ME AND MY GANG" and memories of the RV DREAMS rally had us dancing. We will always remember the rally and now we will always remember the concert! :)


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