Sunday, July 13, 2008


It has been a week since I posted and I have probably scared off everyone with boring pictures. :)... I will not have another family picture day for a while, so hang in there.

I wanted to tell everyone about my newest "undertaking". While at the RV Dreams Rally in Branson, I saw the tablecloth Howard and Linda were using and naturally I wanted one. I went back into the journal and found the link they had posted for obtaining one. Howard is so good about giving those sources out to us wannabes. :)... Anyway, long story short, the guy who was selling them has retired and he gave me a link to the only other place he knew to get them. The company was located in Canada and would not ship to the United States. :( ... However after a little more research, I found the inventor and after making a deal with him, I now have more tablecloths than I can use!! :) ... So I guess I am going from posting boring pictures of my family to selling "STABLE TABLECLOTHS". :)

I don't envision making a million or two on this business venture, just want to make these available to fellow RVers and campers that would like to have them. These are made of heavy duty vinyl and have water fillable jackets along each seam that really makes it tough for them to be blown off the table.

The tablecloths are available in red, blue, gray and biege. I am selling them for $14.95 plus shipping cost. You may use the Paypal link at on the right side of the page, specify the color you want in the comments or email me for alternate arrangements.

Other than the new business venture, which started with my yearning to own the new tablecloth, nothing new is really happening. We keep listing things we need to get done and so far we have a lot of lists! Not much work towards completing those list though. It seems that by the time we get home from working, we only want to relax. The weekends seem to be the only time we can get anything done. Anyone else have this problem? Oh well, if I sell enough tablecloths, Cheryl and I can quit work, buy that $300,000. motorhome and travel!! :) ....... When that happens satan better start shopping for cold weather gear! :)


Joe and Sherri said...

You are too much Don...I would like to get the table cloth send me the info and I might be your first customer...if someone else hasn't already horned in.
email address

Keep up the news we love hearing from you both.

Joe and Sherri

John (FD5) said...

Any pictures of the TC on a table?

Doncat said...

John.... There is a picture in the RV DREAMS journal. It is the tablecloth Howard and Linda used at the rally and they also have it posted in an earlier entry, I forget what date...

Anonymous said...

Hi! Are you still selling table cloths? If so, what are the measurements? Thank you.

coast2coast said...
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Lynn Cooper said...
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