Sunday, July 6, 2008


After all that excitement yesterday, we were worn out! :) Cheryl and I both slept in until almost 9am, that is rare. We prepared some eggs and bacon with our regular fix of coffee. We finished breakfast and then went to the pool deck to watch the hummingbirds and finish our coffee. The pool looked so inviting, we decided to take a morning swim. No pictures were allowed. :)

I know a post without pictures can be more boring that usual, so I went back into my archives and found some more pics of the family. I figure this will help introduce them.

My son, Matthew and oldest grandson, Anthony:

"The Teenager", Anthony:

"The Son-in-Laws", Ron and Harrison, Harrison is the hairey one! :)

My oldest daughter, Sheila:

Papa with Brendan:

Nana with Brendan:

Princess, aka: Hayley:


Crystal and Hayley:

Harrison (in the background), Crystal and Nicholas:


ok, are you still awake out there? Well I guess that is enough of that! :) Until next time, remember, "Live every day like it is a gift from God" :)


Joe and Sherri said...

Hey Don! This is what it is all about. Leting us all know what is going on in your life. That is all that I am able to do seeing as how, like you I am still tied down to a job until February next year. You have a fine looking family and I know you enjoy those g-kids! I see that you went down to the river for the fireworks...Sherri and I were down there year before last and it was great. Keep up the journal and Sherri and I will be following your every post.

Joe and Sherri

Doncat said...

Thanks Speedy..... I thought maybe I drove away anyone that was reading my blog by posting family pictures. You are right, there is not much interesting to blog about since we work, come home to rest, then work again. However we both may have some thoughts or ideas that may help others?? :) I have enjoyed your blog also.... Don