Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our holiday weekend began with Cheryl and I sleeping late, until about 8am. Two of our grandsons spent Thursday night with us and of course they awoke hungry. We had a nice pancake breakfast complete with coffee for Nana and Papa. Cheryl and I finished our coffee on the pool deck while the boys watched some morning cartoons on TV. The excitement never ends around here! :)

A little after noon or so, my two daughters, their husbands, our granddaughter and youngest grandson arrive. My son shows up later (just in time for the food) to complete the family gathering. We spent the day grilling brats, burgers and playing in the pool. About 8pm we gather everyone together drove downtown to the river front for the fireworks show. It was a pretty good show, but I mostly enjoyed watching the kids enjoy the show.

Here is most of the family:

We found a nice site to park ourselves and watch the show. My youngest grandson was more interested in the "choo choo" that passed on the nearby tracks. :) As the show got started he seemed annoyed at the noise.

This is Nana and Papa's "Little Big Man", Nicholas, the next to the youngest grandson:

Papa's "Little Princess", Hayley tells Nicholas something astounding?

Nana and Papa's "Little Man", Brendan, our youngest grandson:

Our oldest grandson, "The Big Guy", Anthony. He is one of those (teenagers)! :) My youngest daughter, Crystal, and her husband, Ron.

My oldest daughter, Sheila, seated next to Cheryl and wearing a red shirt. My son in law, Harrison is always hard to catch in a picture, because he moves around too much! :)

Just a big kid at heart:

Well that is how we spent Independence Day, celebrating and relaxing. Until next time let me leave you with this advice, "enjoy every day as a gift from God!" :)

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