Saturday, December 1, 2012


If there is anyone out there in blogville that still looks for a new post from me, this is the day. I am going to try for a new beginning on posting blogs, since we are entering a new beginning for our lifestyle.

My last post (some time ago) left off with the house being repaired. We still had all our furniture in the house and in the process of getting it remodeled.  We gave a lot of "stuff" to our kids, and stored some things we wanted to keep; since we were already living in our motorhome. The house went on the market on July 21st. We got the usual flurry of inquiries and showings that happen whenever a new house hits the market, but no serious "lookers".

The house has been on the market since, with only mild interest, until we got a call from our realtor while vacationing on 17 November, with an offer on the house.  We were so elated and thankful. The offer was a little less than the asking price, and the young man wanted us to give 5k in concessions for closing. We figure this is because he is 25 yrs old and has little funds saved at this point in his life. We countered to get a couple of small items he was requesting off the table, but in reality we are eager to start our next phase of life, we accepted his offer!

Now the waiting begins for closing. He has already had a contractor/inspector look at the house and give it a clean bill of health. The inspector did not find anything to be repaired in the house. Now we are awaiting appraisal, termite inspection and who know what else?  The buyer is striving for a closing before 31 December and we are praying it goes through.

That is our status in a nutshell. We are still working, waiting to see how we fare financially when all this has played out. We had a great vacation, which Iwill try to post more about later. I am going to endeavor to post more, even if they are shorter post.

Until next time, God bless us all..............


Merikay said...

good news, I will be looking forward to reading more, but could you please consider taking the word verification off your comment form. It really is a pain if I'm using my iPad.

Hembree said...

Very good! Hope all goes well!!!

Tom and Marci said...

See, just when you think it's not going to happen anytime soon, somebody (the right somebody) comes along!!! We're SO happy for you guys, and are hoping for an uneventful closing! It's definitely time! Congrats!!

P.S. Maybe some of our good luck rubbed off on you guys!! lol

Don and Cheryl said...

I had removed that annoying feature at one time. I think during the blog's dormancy the feature was somehow reborn! I will attempt to put it back to sleep.

Don and Cheryl said...

Thank you and thanks for reading.

Don and Cheryl said...

Tom and Marci,
You are so right, we were on the road back to Louisiana when we got that surprise call from our realtor.

Looking forward to visiting with you again soon. Maybe after the next visit we will win the lottery or something!! lol

Molly and Bob said...

So happy for y'all!! Here's hoping everything goes very smoothly for you and you're soon on the road! Coming to Quartzsite in January for the rite of passage? Hugs to both of you!

Don and Cheryl said...

Molly and Bob,
Good to hear from you. Hope to see you down the road :)

Andrew Kraft said...

My wife and I are probably like the young man who bought your house... we just bought a condo in downtown Denver and asked for 3k in concessions which we got.

Looking forward to reading more on your blog. I like your writing style!

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