Monday, May 28, 2012

On The Right Track

We are getting closer to having the house on the market. This weekend we cleaned everything out of our attic, it was a monumental task! We have years of collecting junk in the attic, now sitting in the garage. Cheryl is going through the stuff as is the rest of the family. We are sorting things into the famous three piles,  keep in the motorhome, sell or give away and storage.

Our realtor met with us last week and gave us suggestions on what we need to do to the house in preparation for selling. I then met with a highly recommended contractor to get a bid on the work, mostly flooring, sheetrock repairs and painting. We are hoping the house will be on the market by July at the most.

In the meantime we are busy emptying out the house. The small items first, then the furniture, much to our surprise the realtor recommends we let her show the house empty. She told us that way the potential buyers would not see a home "personalized" to our liking, but see a home they can easily change to their liking. I hope she is right.

I will try to keep everyone informed of our progress. Until next time...... God Bless


Camping said...

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Mactrailer said...

I wait a new posts... Congratulations the beatiful Motorhome.
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Tumbleweed Dee said...
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