Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Wow, once again it has been a while since my last posting. It never fails, I either get busy or lazy and end up procrastinating on the blog posting. This time though I have an additional excuse of being incapacitated. I am recovering from some surgical repairs to my left rotator cuff and trying to learn to operate with one arm for a while. Thank God that this time the surgery was on the left rotator cuff and I am right handed. :)

This will not be a lengthy post, because for some odd reason being able to use only one arm has reulted in my ability to type and I have succumbed to typing with only one finger! It is like my brain has made a special rule: one arm limits me to one finger? lol.  Oh the humor of being a "complicated" person.  Never mind my ramblings, I am also under the influence of some strong pain drugs ;)

I thought that being "layed-up" for a couple of weeks would give me an opportunity to catch up on some of my preparations for fulltiming, however the first week and a half after the surgery I was only good for comic relief to others! I was able to get some organizing done today and got rid of a bunch of paperwork that has been piling up. I was pretty happy about accomplishing something to uphold my status of "preparing to fulltime" and all with only one arm too!  :)

Until next time, God bless us all..........................


Tom and Marci said...

Hi Don,

Sorry to hear that you've been laid-up, but glad that you are on the mend. Take care!

Tom, Marci & the boys

Merikay said...

Hello Don, I found your blog thru someonelse's list of blogs they follow. We are also in the process of moving toward the full time RV life. I ask myself some of the same questions you have posed. I'm interested in seeing what and how you do.

I say retire now if you can, $350 a month won't be worth diddly in the future!

Speedy said...

Thank heavens for that one finger. We miss your journal entries when you are away. You have a knack for making me laugh and keeping my spirits up. Sorry about the disability you are suffering but that to will pass.

Cyndi said...

Hello Don, I found your blog thru a post that Cheryl made to my blog. We are also in the process of moving toward the full time RV life. We have ask ourselves some of the same questions you have posed although neither of us have a job that we would get any kind of pension, and are not of retirement age. I'm interested in seeing what and how you do.

I would say (and this is because we are not of retirement age) if you can retire without having the extra $350 a month then go for it, although if you really need it then consider what we are considering ... selling our home that we bought in 1998 using the money we make from it and buying a piece of land and a used Motorhome or 5th wheel. We figure we can still work but live in our RV until we can hit the road without a job.

Also sorry to hear of your injury, and surgery but prayers for a speedy recovery coming your way.

Debbie Goode said...

Hope your recovery continues to go well! I have had an injured rotator cuff and I know just how painful it can be.....so take it easy and take care!

Jim and Dee said...

We're so glad to hear you're on the mend. You'll get there, remember one year ago we were in the same boat. It will all pass and you'll be on the road soon. Keep posting, we're waiting for each one. See you soon.