Saturday, February 19, 2011


For those that may not know, I had some "bodywork" done recently. No, there was nothing wrong with my truck or Rv, the body that was worked on was mine :)  The repairman did an excellent job and it would seem the repairs were successful (thanks Dr. Shane Barton). I have been sitting , sleeping and generally living in my recliner since the second of February and I am going stir crazy!

I did leave the recliner and house to go to physical torture twice already. Those were interesting trips. The first was easy enough, all I had to do was lay there and let the PT move my arm in all directions while watching me wince and make painful faces. Now he did a little of that on the second visit, but then he hooked me up to a rope pulley, a handle in each hand, then had me torture myself by pulling my left arm above my head! Those people are sadistic. I cannot believe they talk me into torturing myself and then I even pay them lots of money to do it! Oh well, as I have said earlier, oh the humor of a complicated

Well I have been sitting around the house for nearly three weeks now and you would think it would be a sort of preview of what retirement would be like.  I kind of messed that up by setting up my home computer system to remotely connect with the servers at work and enabling me to work at home (man I dedicated). I don't think this absence from the office is a fair indicator of what retired life would be like, especially since I couldn't get off my rear bumper and do anything much!  I guess in the next couple of years,  I will just have to try the real thing instead :)

Until next time friends... God bless us all


Merikay said...

PT may hurt, but it is worth it in the long run.

Happytrails said...

Do the PT because it will greatly help in a more full healing. The pain in pt will be worth the healing in the future.
Take care!

Terry said...

You know, I remember making a similar comment to a doctor after he worked on me. In my case, he was a Chiropractor, and I told him after the treatment that, "This is the first time I ever paid to get beat up."

Thoughts are with you. Keep up the PT or you will suffer later.