Saturday, February 9, 2013


I appreciate all the tips given on locating my black water tank leak. I found from videoing in the tight places that the leak seems to be coming from the top of the tank. It only leaks when using the flushing device and the water leaked seems to be "clean" water. It pretty much soaks everything when it happens and I even found a little water by the outer wall, on the floor of the bathroom that sits above the tank. I am really debating on whether or not I can wait on the Red Bay appointment at the end of May! Until then I will not use the "no fuss flush", because some "fuss" seems to have developed!

I also found a slow, small leak beneath the generator up front (used the brown bag method). It is a coolant leak (drip). I had the generator service when in Gaffney this past November, prior to that there was no leak. This leak is not so critical and I will keep an eye on it until I can get it fixed.

Here is something new, if not exciting. I was up at 6am (this is nothing new) to use the bathroom. This bathroom has the china toilet with an electronic flush mechanism. When I flushed this morning the water that refills the bowl (it was at a high level to begin with) ran the bowl over! After the initial excitement and clean up,  I carefully flushed (with a hand on the water cutoff valve) the toilet a few times to find out what is going on. It seems the electric flush mechanism is overfilling the bowl after flushing each time. I am going to drag out the manual to see if it is adjustable. If it is not adjustable then looks like another repair on the list!

Cheryl says that the recent back to back problems are due to us sitting here and not going anywhere. I think there is an easy fix to that problem..... we will be traveling to a few repair shops soon!

All problems considered, we still love our motorhome and I am sure we are going to love the traveling part. Until next time... God Bless

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