Sunday, January 16, 2011


That is the question on my mind for the past couple of weeks. What is the next step in our journey to change over to a fulltime (or most of the time) RV lifestyle?  I know what the answers should be, yet know I find it sort of intimidating to be at the point where I need to make life changing decisions. We have reached our financial goals, no debt (except the house) and now I can easily go out now and finance a fulltime rig and even make a decent down payment.  On the other hand I can put the house up for sale, wait a year and a half, then tap into our retirement savings and house equity to pay cash for the fulltime rig. Then there is the question of our 22 year old son who decided to move back in with us and start school! Things get complicated, its time for prayer :)


squawmama said...

It is a decision you have to be comfortable with... We did it and never look back. No stick home just our rolling mansion...maybe some day we'll get another home but until then we are happy with what we do. Keep the faith!
Have fun & Travel safe

nwlambear said...

Good luck with your decision making! Having a child move back home does shake the plans doesn't it.