Saturday, October 9, 2010


It has been a while I know, we have been working hard and long. Hopefully all that hard work is going to pay off soon and we will being buying our fulltime RV! I have been so busy that I have become "unplugged" with my RV Dreams and the planning process. I hope to remedy that situation and lunge forward with my plans!

I am wondering if I have become greedy, you know the old addage, "How much is enough? Just a little more!". Well maybe I have become caught up in that mindset. I keep re-hashing budgets and excel "what if " sheets, but cannot decide, "How much is enough".

Cheryl and I have been shopping, researching and attended the Dallas RV Supershow last month. We have been thinking we are set on a Mobile Suites fifth wheel, but still have thoughts towards the Winnebago Journey motorhome. If there is anyone left out there that still reads this blog (after months of inactivity I understand if there is not) any advice is appreciated. I am going to try and post my thoughts more often!


Jim and Dee said...

It was super chatting with you this morning. You bring up a good point. Don't we do that all our lives? Do we have enough? It's like when you're ready (or think you are) for your first kid, are you ever really ready?

Donna aka Froggi said...

Still following....Mobile Suites is a good rig for sure. But so is the Winnebago. Some of the things to think about:

1) fiver = one engine
2) mh = easier & quicker to set up
3) fiver = bigger vehicle to drive locally
4) mh = can't back up without unhitching

There are more..only you can decide which is best. I've got a lot of readers and will post a link to this to try to get you some additional input!

Jessica said...

We are also in the planning stages - we have looked at Mobile Suites, Heartland among others, but we think we have settled on Nuwa. I love one of their floorplans, and my DH likes the way they are built! :)

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

You need to decide if you are going to move all the time, or stay put for longer periods of time. The fifth wheel is most like your sticks and bricks, but is more work to move. The Motorhome moves more quickly, but is not as much of a house. More like living in your bus, if that makes sense. We love the motorhome in the summer when we travel, but feel more limited in the winter when we sit in Arizona for long periods of time Nothing is perfect. With the motorhome you always have the second engine to be concerned with in your toad car. Still I'm used to the motorhome concept. And yes we didn't remove you from auto feed, so if you post, we get it! LOL

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

We are going through the sell your house stage, since we already have a rig,We had the same questions on whether to buy a MH or 5th Wh the 5th wheel won out for the following reasons
1.the MH is very narrow when folded up for travel.

2.when set up for camping you have more room for living space in a 5th wheel per foot of length.

3.Takes about 10 minutes to pull out from under a 5th wheel and then you have your touring vehicle.
4. Trailers are more maneuverable, backing or pulling into tight spots, Sam has driven tractor trailers and motor coaches and says the semi rig wins hands down in getting into spots. just watch the beer delivery guy pull up to a dock at a store.

5. Sam was used to working on trucks and cars and MH 's are very expensive to fix, tow vehicles for 5th wheels on the other hand cost about the same as a car which most people are used to and you can do more of your own maintenance.

6. Overall maintenance and repair costs are cheaper on a 5th wh. Since you need some sort of a car to tow behind it that will balance out the pickup costs.

The overall cost factor you can get a very well equipped 5th wheel for less than a very well equipped MH.
Again these are just some factors we considered before deciding.Your financial condition and personal preferences will always be first. Hope this helps in pointing out what was important to us. Good luck on your adventure. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Without any more details (finances, storage requirements etc) we'd recommend the motor home. It has a self contained generator, easier tear down and setup.

We went back and forth too (who doesn't)? We were looking at Carri-Lite/Cameo before we decided on our Tiffin Allegro bus.

Good luck - either one is a good choice so don't think you can go wrong there...

Karen said...

My husband and I are the wierdos out here in a travel trailer, tag-a-long. We have been fulltiming for 10 years and are on our second one. We like that we get more usable space for us, no steps inside the "house", and he likes that he does not have to have the hitch inside the bed of the truck.

We don't often see other fulltimers in travel trailers, though. And really, whether you get a 5th wheel, a motorhome, or a trailer is a personal decision. Either way, I am sure you will be happy "out here".

Sharon Del Rosario said...

I stated out full-timing in a Montana 5th wheel in Feb 2003. I later switched to a motor home.

My friend Donna aka Froggi made good points. Her #2 and 3 played a big role in my decision to switch. Here are a few more considerations:

1. 5er - can get fuel without being hitched to trailer.
2. MH - most newer models can be fueled from either side.
3. 5th wheel - harder to level and stabilize.
4. MH - easier to back into sites.
5. 5er - more living space.
6. MH - comparable if 3-4 slides and if pilot/co-pilot seats swivel around to become part of conversation/tv viewing area (we prefer tv in rear, not above dash).

If you haven't already done so, look for an owners forum for any brand/model you're interested in. Learn from current owners' comments and ask your own questions.

Good Luck and Happy RVing!

RICK and VIRG said...

When we started this life style we switched from a MH to a 5ver. Why, because we knew we would be sitting for months at a time workamping and the 5ver was roomier, plus no extra motor to worry about while sitting still. I feel both have easy to set up and move as well as back up, but you do have to get use to all that. The decision we made was based on how we were going to travel. If you go with a 5ver make sure you get enough truck to pull it safely.

Mac McClellan said...

Saw Donna's post about your dilemma regarding MH or 5ver. This may be very little help but here goes...

Happy travels!

Tim Lawler said...

OK here are some of my inputs
MH more comfortable driving and riding.
5 er On bumpy roads 5 ers have a tendency to buck ( one time I was on I 10 near New Orleans, the road was very rough, I had to slow down to 35 as I passed a 5 er doing about 20 to 25 and the couple in the pickup cab looked like they were in a rodeo on the bucking bronco. OUCH!)
MH If my wife needs to use the bathroom she can do that without my having to stop at a rest stop, especially convenient if the weather is bad. Also she can bring a drink for me or herself from the fridge.
5 er need to stop somewhere to get into 5 er while traveling.
MH easy to back into campsites if not attached to a toad, otherwise can't backup with toad attached.
5 er I drove a TractorTrailer for several years so backing a trailer isn't a problem for me.
MH braking system is more reliable and stronger than the the typical 5 er.
I prefer a class C over a class A because I believe the Auto and truck manufacturers have much better research and testing facilities for the chassis than the rv mfg cos.
MH are measured from bumper to bumper Travel trailers are measured from front of hitch to back bumper. 5 er is measured from kingpin to rear bumper. kingpin is about 3 feet behind the front of unit so same size travel trailer is about 6 feet shorter than the same size 5 er.
Those are some of my thoughts on differences, I hope this helps.

Lisa Starr said...

Who knows how much is enough. I've heard some say, "The more I know, the less I need." I've also heard others say, "Dream big - the sky is the limit." I do know, however, that you're most happy when you live with passion.

Sounds like you're most passionate about becoming a full-time RVer, so, GO FOR IT!

I also wanted to invite you to be a guest author on my blog. I'd like your take on your favorite RV spots (either from experience or from research).

What are some things you've learned about what to do when preparing to buy and/or rent an RV?
That's what I'd like you to write on my blog about - or whatever suits your fancy.