Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have had some "revelations" lately, things I have inwardly always known, but seemed to haved lost my focus on them. I got caught up in my job again, a coworker retired and somehow it was assumed that I would pick up his contracts and "keep the ball rolling". I have had to double my work and because of my work ethic really put all my concentration into work. Cheryl and I have not even been on a weekend camping trip since the first week of March! I have not been looking at RVs or planning for our future goal of fulltime RVing for quite some time.

Recently I have started feeling really run down, tired and "down-hearted". No more, it is time to get back into the dream and started re-prioritizing my life! I have set my goal to buy our truck and RV in 2011, then start trying to sell our house. I will work, with the proper perspective, while I march consistently toward this goal. I will force myself to slow down and not be pressured so much at work. I am trying to come to grips with the concept of not "being the best" at what I do at work and instead putting my best efforts into my life outside of work.

Having said that, I hope to write more on the blog, because it helps me to stay focused. It really helps to hear from others and how they have reached their goals or how they are staying focused on the dream. If I seem to start drifting off the path, feel free to let me know!

As always, first and foremost, may God lead me in all that I do, Until next time, keep the faith fellow dreamers.............


JB said...

I know of what you speak Don, I had a momentary lapse of judgement last summer and took on a "small" job that was only to last a couple of months. Once I got going it quickly became apparent to me, if not others, that to do it right would take more time than that. Hence I spent the whole winter mumbling about working in the cold weather again. That certainly was refreshing both weatherwise and mindwise. I have since re-retired and am again focussed on what is important to ME, so with a little luck, God willing and the creeks don't rise we will once again head south with the geese and spend some time enjoying the warmer southern climes of our neighbour, the USA.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

You just keep on looking for right rig. And as Red Green from Possum Lodge says: "We'll be rootin for ya"

Karen and Steve
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