Saturday, February 7, 2009


Here it is another week gone by and another week closer to our rv dreams.. :) I guess I have become a weekly blogger, not by plan, just lack of time or laziness (maybe a little of both). Sometimes I just feel like all I have to write about is work and that is just boring as heck to most anyone who is out there traveling in their rv and enjoying life to the max!

This time of year I am leaving for work before it is daylight and since I have started a new project, it seems most days it is dark when I get home. I am not getting a lot of things done around the house in preparation to sell it. It is probably a good thing I have some time before selling. In fact I hope the housing market will improve before that time!

I was researching some of my options for leaving work and it seems I will not be eligible for the pension until February 2015. I am not willing to wait that long, so I guess I will be leaving without a pension as soon as I reach those financial goals!! I think that will be sometime in the next two to three years. In the meantime I will be sticking to a budget and hoping the stock market recovers to around the 14,000 point mark before then also :)

Speaking of budgets, I am trying to adjust mine to fit in a trip to Kerrville in March, then to South Carolina in September and Kerrville again in October, not mentioning several weekend camping trips to Rocky Point. I love the trips we have planned, but I don't want to slow down reaching our financial goals. The trip to South Carolina is to visit family, the one in March to visit RV Dreams family, then again in October for the rally! Oh well Cheryl just loves working overtime anyway!! :)

Well I have been lounging in this recliner since 7AM and it is now 10:45AM, I guess I better get up and get ready to go to my grandson's birthday party at the local skating rink. Hey, how would you like to see some pictures of me skating? I may get some uploaded, it depends on if they have WiFi at the hospital or not.. :) GBY

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Leno said...

It sure would be great if you could join us in Kerrville. We should have quite a good size group.. Lots of fun!