Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amateur Writings

Well I finally decided to join the crowd and try my wings at blogging. I am no writer, but I was told to just type like I am holding a conversation with someone around a campfire, that I might can do! There is not a lot in my life that is very interesting, since I am still working to reach my financial goals (elusive way of saying to pay off debts). I will try to keep the posts interesting by writing a lot about my preparations to fulltime RV and my views on the lifestyle as I live it vicariously through the blogs I read.

I would like to introduce you to my true love, childhood sweetheart and wife of 38 years, Cheryl.

Cheryl and I share the same daydream, that of living and traveling fulltime in an RV of our choosing. We are both love to travel, see new things and yearn to see all of our great country. I served our country for 24 years in the United States Air Force and saw a lot of the world in the process. I am now ready to see and enjoy the country that I served. is one of the blogs I read and has had the greatest impact on my desire to become a fulltime RVer. I have been reading Howard and Linda's blog since it's inception and quickly found myself addicted to the daily postings. Thank you Howard and Linda for opening your lives for all of us to read about, you have been an inspiration to me.


Jenny Johnson said...

Don - Glad to see you have entered the world of blogging and I get to leave your first comment. I don't have a lot to blog about sometimes and sometimes I do. But it is always fun. I have found my command of the english language has improved.

Conga -rats on the new blog I am placing it in my favorites near the top so I am sure not to miss a single post. Keep them cards and blogs comin'


PS Hi to Cheryl

Lois said...

Hi Don & Cheryl, tried to post a comment this a.m. It didn't work, so I sent a comment in the rv dreams forum. Found out that I had to set up a google account. Glad you started your blog.


Lois said...

Hi Don & Cheryl, tried to send a comment this a.m. but it wouldn't go through. Finally found out that I needed to set up a google account. So I hope this works. Glad you started your blog.


Mark and Dortha said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Like Jenny said I don't have something to say everyday. And then sometimes I have so much to say and not enough time to say it.

We were so glad to get to meet you and Cheryl at the rally and look forward to the day that we can meet up on the road.